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making out in public

Posted : Thursday, June 30, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:44 am | 19 Comments

Was having dinner with ElleGirl yesterday evening at a nearby coffeeshop that serves western food. Ordered the chicken chop with brown sauce and a big cup of watermelon juice. After finishing our meals, we just sat there chit chatting. I saw a cat and was telling ElleGirl i feel like throw my fries at that cat! Lately i like to throw things at cats, coz there are two cats who bypass my house to go to the house at the back, so everyday i would chase them because they leave their dropping in my house.

Then ElleGirl noticed how that the bigger looking cat was starring at the smaller cat. All of a sudden the cat jumped ontop of the smaller cat(a female cat lah) and bit its neck and the female cat just stood still lying on the ground. Luckily i finished my meal already. The two were about to make out right infront of so many ppl havig their meals there.

Then the waitress bypassed the cats and they quickly jumped off and walked away into the road beside the coffee shop(its a small place with rarely any cars passing by). The cats were at it again, the male cat jumped onto the female cat and bit its neck from above again to stun the female cat from moving. Then while standing ontop of her, the male cat was trying to park his THING into her but he was way too infront so he kept stepping on her back repeatedly trying to find the HOLE, ehhehe.

This was all taking place in the middle of the road(oh, get a bush to make out in you two). I was already walking towards my car and looking back to see if the male cat actually found the hole or not, hehehe. In the end, he took too long so we got into the car and was on our way home. ElleGirl said " He must have been a VIRGIN CAT, COULDN'T FIND THE HOLE EH?" hehehehe.


Maciam LAN

Posted : Tuesday, June 28, 2005 by johnybravo at 12:49 pm | 13 Comments

I even took the time to go book tixs online, thinking that this was an okay movie to watch. I wanted to try out the new GSC in 1Utama new wing, so i booked tickets for that cinema.

Went for a short and simple dinner and off we went to 1utama. Got there earlier to collect the reserved tixs. I waited so damn blardy long in the reservation counter and there were only two lanes opened to buy or collect tickets, where are all the staff, it was 8pm then.... Only after when the lines grew super long only did they open up all the 6 counters.

I asked EmoGirl to line up in the other counters while i remained at the Reservation counter. I was curious as to why my counter was taking so damn long, its reservation tickets afterall. Then only did i realize that most of this people are collecting tickets for WAR OF THE WORLDS! so they were choosing here and there taking their own blardy sweet time while everyone else back in the line are waiting like idiots.

In the end it was EmoGirls turn so i got out of the reservation counter and joined her. She lined up later than when we initially started to line up in the reservation counters! apa punya service lah!

Anyway, this is not the issue! HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, sucks big time!!!!!! I want a refund! hahaha. I should have listened to EmoGirls suggestions. She wanted to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Initial D. BUT I, ME, HAD to go choose some B grade not worth my time and money movie! haih!

Okay so, ppl dont waste your money and time to watch this MACIAM LAN movie okays.

If you still wanna go watch it visit the pasar malam, hehehe.


it feels good

Posted : Monday, June 27, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:44 pm | 6 Comments

Went for a spinning class today and it felt great although i could not keep up with most of the resistant throughout the class.

I was sweating since the warm up round. I just couldnt stop, i sweat so much my whole shirt was drenched in sweat. Even the face towel was all drenched in sweat. I like the last part of spinning, the warm down and stretching part, hehehe.

After the class, i noticed two girls behind me having trouble walking. Then one of the guys asked them "is this your first class?", they said "yeah" and he said "no wonder" hehehehe. You will need sometime to get yourself fit to be able to last the whole class and still be able to walk after that, its not exactly easy. It is said that spinning class burns the most calories! Yeah burns your legs and ass as well.


I`m back

Posted : Sunday, June 26, 2005 by johnybravo at 12:39 pm | 0 Comments

I think i have recovered from the dreaded flu, thanx to some jugs of beers and good laughs yesterday night. Its time to get back up and start working out again.

Will be testing my physical state with some futsal later this evening.

Yesterday nights outing at souled out was good fun accompanied with a few jugs of beers and some pool later on. I havent done this in a long time and felt out of place in the beginning plus i was having the flu but was feeling much better already. If it wasnt for the good company i would have not had any fun at all.

Suprisingly i manage to drink so much beer and still remain sober.

Apart from the good fun, it pisses me off to see those "mat motors" racing and risking other drivers lives while they roam the streets in packs of 20 - 30 bikers, driving like they own the whole 3 lane road. I had to succumb to their stupidity and just drive at 30 - 40kmph to avoid any accidents on my part. Sometimes i feel like going all mental and just ram all this idiots down.

Its this worthless people that broke my friends side window just to steal anything in their car which can be sold to fund their nightly activities. Luckily they didnt do any other damage than just breaking the side window.


Down with the flu

Posted : Thursday, June 23, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:51 am | 3 Comments

Maybe after last weekends wrecking cum suicide act, my antibody must have dropped and now i`m down with the flu. Due to the the flu i keep yawning from time to time, darn. I need more rest and will stop all activities for this week.


Whirlwind weekend

Posted : Tuesday, June 21, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:23 am | 0 Comments

It all started on Saturday afternoon when i just couldn't resist a fitness challenge and go do stupid things.

Pump too hard on friday afternoons bodypump, then go wreck myself on a fitness challenge on saturday, woke up freaking early in the morning to cover a wedding on sunday, finalist for the fitness challenge and made a wreck of myself again and had to cover the wedding dinner after the challenge.

End result - one day Medical leave and sore lower back.

Had to wake up super early to cover the wedding for me mate [ vialentino ], 5am i got up and was at his place by 530am. We had some light food just to sustain the hunger until we got to Malacca. Scheduled to leave at 6am but coz of late arrivals we left a bit later. Soon we reached the highway and everything was going fine until suddenly the main car had a flat tyre, what luck!

Everyone pulled over to the side and got out of their cars to fix the flat tyre. We took out the spare tyre and then realized, where are the tools? We soon found it coz its hidden in a special compartment where it is nicely tucked away. The tyre was fixed in a couple of minutes, strong buddies there to help out.

Then we were on our way again. We were very close to the Ayer Keruh tol exit when suddenly a family of monkeys decided to migrate from one end of the highway to the other end, the monkeys just made a dash for it and the car infront slammed his breaks and manage to avoid the whole lot of them but there were 2 more monkeys at the side which havent made the dash.

That two monkeys decided to dash right after the first car had passed them and we being the second car could not avoid them and slam one monkey to the side of the road and the unfortunate one went under the car. It was a scary moment i tell you.

After driving for a minute or two, the driver noticed his temperature had gone up to the highest level it could go and was checking his aircond temperature and other stuff to see what was going on, then he quickly pulled over as the temperature was at a maximum, it could have overheated and blown the bonet at any moment.

Everyone pulled over and came out to help out again. We tried filling water to see if theres not enough water. We tried a couple of stuff, until someone checked the bottom of the car and noticed that the monkey we hit actually damaged the engine's carburator and there was no cooling system, so the temperature imediately went up. So one car down but luckily we had two more cars. Our poor friend had to wait for a pick-up truck to tow his car back to the workshop and he would miss all the action that was going to happen. His car was 3 weeks old somemore.

I had to move into the other car and we continued our journey. After so much unforseen accidents we still managed to reach our destination on time. Went through all the "Door Breaking" getting the bride process and serving tea ceremony to your family members, we soon left for KL again. This time there were more ppl going down so i had to sit in the bride and grooms car. The 3 of us all so tired from this all and the long 2 hour journey made us sleep like babies throughout the journey back to kl, hehehe.

We finally reach the Groom's house and we all went in to the house and took a breather and rested for while before the tea ceromony begin again. While all this was happening the groom suddenly realized that he had dropped his dragon gold ring which was given to him by his grandfather. Everyone started looking for the ring but could not find it. Calls were made to malacca to see if he had dropped it there or not. In the end they found it in malacca. After all the ceremony and neccessary ceromony was done i went straight home to rest and get ready coz i got a call from the fitness challenge that i manage to qualify for the finals and i still maintained the best record among the other finalist. :)

Got home to rest and left at 5pm. [ read previous entries for the challenge ].

After the challenge(was super tired then) i had to rush to cover the wedding dinner session. I felt like calling it quits, if you knew what i had gone through then you would know how i was feeling then but i managed to pull through in the end. The pictures came out nice and the wedding was nicely covered with lots of praises and good wishes. Overall i was quite happy with my performance as well.

I might have called it stupid but it was one hell of a memorable weekend with so much going on in a span of just a few hours...


2nd place

Posted : Monday, June 20, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:07 pm | 4 Comments

It was a long and tiring sunday morning and close to lunch time i got a call from a lady with a nice name too, Venus. She informed me that i qualified and was need to come back on sunday evening to challenge for the Lucratice grand prize, so i asked her what are the other contestants qualifying time and she immediately told me that no one had beaten my record yet although they qualified, wooo hoo, confidence boost man.

Then after sunday mornings wedding photoshoot, i went straight home to get some rest and get ready for the final challange. I reached 1Utama before 530pm, the finals was held at the same place but at 6pm.

The emcee introduced the contestants and got us to pull votes to see who started first or second or third or last. Before that we had to change our shirts into the sponsors t-shirt, the mazda t-shirt i had won yesterday, so no complains. I got position No.4, thats a good position to be in and i thought it would be an advantage knowing i will know the other contestants times.

The first contestant clocked 2:47 minutes, 2nd contestant 2:57, the 3rd fella was burned man 4:31 and ME, I got a close 2:51 minutes. It was not enough to win first prize but i won second prize.

The task this time was the same routine but with more reps on each machine except the cycling which still remains at 1km or cycling.

Task 1 - open the 4x4 car door and there were a few mens products and a face towel; put it all into a bag at the leg compartment and zip it up and close the door; wear the bag and go to the next task.

Task 2 - ARRGGHH, i hate this the most, the stairmaster(STEPS), step 40 times and move on to the next task.

Task 3 - Cycle for 1km on a cycling machine.

Task 4 - ROw 30 times on a rowing machine.

Task 5 - Open the car door and sound the horn and youre DONE.

40 times on the steps machine and 30 rows on the rowing machine - MADNESS. So i started well with putting the things in the bag and closing the door(2 of the other contestant forgotten to close the door), the steps machine intensity was increased this time and i did that without any problem. When i got to the cycling i was cycling like a mad dog man!

Everyone was cheering me on, wooo hooo... My legs were going mad. finished the damn kilomoter and wobble to the rowing machine, due to technical error(had to row the freaking machine properly, with bend knees and bar right up to the chest. Youre suppose to get good form without being able to strap your shoes onto the leg rest!) i LOST THE DAMN CHALLENGE COZ OF THIS! The girl counting the times i had rowed did not count some coz i did not did it with 100% form(heck, the rest of the contestant didnt do it either but theirs counted), i freaking wasted so much time here when i had already made it up at the cycling! When i finally finished and slammed the horn i heard 2:51 and i was so damn dissapointed.

I got out of the car and i just dropped my body to the floor and spread my legs out and lye flat on the floor. My legs was too stressed from fridays BodyPump, Saturday Challenge and Sundays challenge. My thighs were screaming for help like a lion with a torn in its foot! I had to rest and massage my thigh for a good 15 minutes or more, everyone was using cardboard papers to fan me until i recovered from the pain :) (shy shy only). Overall, it was good fun and stupid as well. I knew i was the champion anyway even if i got second place. The timing wasnt right, i was too tired from previous execises and i had to cover a wedding the morning before the challenge, what luck!

Anyway here are the prizes for second place, its just a consolation prize, its the same as 3rd or 4th place :P

The Mazda couple watch looks pretty nice and the free pilates classes at Celebrity Fitness is a Gem.


Mazda Borneo Challenge

Posted : Saturday, June 18, 2005 by johnybravo at 6:51 pm | 9 Comments

It was late afternoon and i went to 1Utama with [ SAM ], i wanted to watch a movie but he was too tired but at the same time he wanted to buy a shirt as well. So he picked me up and off we went.

We went to ZARA at first and sam met his friend who happens to be working as a Manager there, so he chatted up with her while i went to the mens section to browse at the rather GAY looking selection of clothing. Later on, we went to FCUK and TopShop.

I wasn't interested in buying anything so i went to those red benches to rest my tired legs from BodyPump yesterday. After sitting down, i noticed at the level below that there was a Mazda Event going on down there. They were promoting their newly launched pickup truck, The Mazda Borneo 4X4 Edition.

There was a competition going on as well. It was a fitness challenge, anyone who took the challenge and got the shortest time to finish the challenge would win lots of PRIZES!!!!! After much hesitation i finally took the courage to go down there albeit my aching body and see if i could set the fastest time. I called sam to inform him and off i went down.

Did the usual registration and waited in line for my turn. A lady was before me but she didn't turn up so it was my turn then. The challenge is actually very simple but easier said than done!

5 tasks altogether

Task 1 - open the 4x4 car door and there were a few mens products and a face towel; put it all into a bag at the leg compartment and zip it up and close the door; wear the bag and go to the next task.

Task 2 - ARRGGHH, i hate this the most, the stairmaster(STEPS), step 20 times and move on to the next task.

Task 3 - Cycle for 1km on a cycling machine. Double AARRGGHH for my legs.

Task 4 - ROw 20 times on a rowing machine.

Task 5 - The simpliest of all, open the car door and sound the horn and youre DONE.

We had a tour before begining the challenge, they explain all the task and get you to test out the machines as well. I was testing the rowing machine to get used to it coz you dont get to strap you feet onto it. Before i started the challenge the guy taking my time told me you shouldn't have wasted your energy testing so much on the rowing machine!(HAH, he didn't know my fitness level, hahaha). So i took in a deep breath and told him i was ready. As he blew the whistle i quickly open the door and immediately chuck all the stuff on the seat and into the bag and zip it up, slammed the door close and wear the bag while running to the stairmaster.

Up and down, up and down, i was going up and down pretty fast. The moment the counter hit 20 i jumped off the machine and quickly got on the cycling machine. I started pretty well and was looking at the counter to see how far i went, after what seems like forever, i only went 200meters. I thought to myself concentrate and stop looking at the damn counter! I looked down onto the ground and cycled as if i was doing a sprint to the finish line in the Tour De Le France. The counter on that cycling machine is those that you usually see, it switches between time/distance/energy burned(something like that), so after a while the lady who was telling me the distance was shocked that i had gone 800meters already and this boosted me to push on although my legs were super tired!

The moment it reached 1km, i GOT OFF THE BIKE, i couldn't jump anymore here, legs were killing me! A quick jog to the rowing machine and row away, this is my favourite machine. Reached 20 rows and i almost couldn't get up! It felt like i weight a TON! I manage to get to the car door, opened it and collapsed onto the seat and slammed the horn! POOOOOOOOOMPPPPPPP! hahahaha.

And the emcee got my results and said and the time to beat now is 2:20, the fastest time now! Wooooo hooooo, i had set the newest record for the day, the previous 2 times to beat were - 2:51m and 2:31m . Sheer determination was what was needed to beat those times and also "Its all in the mind". hahahaha

Thats not the end of the story! I was wobbling to walk straight and the lady promoter helped me to the chairs and i was sweating like it was the freaking raining above me! My legs were killing me like mad! The lactic acid(the intense pain felt during exhaustive exercise) was kicking in and i couldn't get up, then i quickly reached into my pocket to get my mobile to call sam! Where was that fella, so much for support! He finally arrived and help me carried the goodies bag i got. There was an umbrella as well but it was used as a walking stick! I only manage to get up after 15 minutes of sitting on that chair.

Bear in mind that i haven't had my lunch as well(suicide)! We quickly made it to burger king, i was feeling fainting and my legs were killing me, i've never felt like this before, it was like going for the triathlon man! When we got to BK, i was a total wreck, i sat on the chair and just lye my head on the table and waited for sam to get me some food. I felt tired, painful, dizzy and almost vomitted as well but in the end i manage to pull through and sort my body out after much rest.

Sam finaly arrived with my chicken tendons(i usually have the Whopper but i didn't feel like i could eat alot) and we shared the fries and i slowly consumed the tendons. Sam got me plenty of serviettes but they were used to whipe my non-stop dripping sweat, felt quite uncomfortable at that point. After some food and much needed rest we left 1Utama and i told sam dont ever do stupid things like this again, the he replied me "I didn't, you did", ass! hahaha.

Here's whats in the goodies bag - Nivea mens products, 7 days pass free workout at celebrity fitness and a Timberland RM100 voucher(WOW!!!!) Oh and a nice mazda t-shirt as well..

Nivea mens products

Mazda T- shirt


One more one more

Posted : Friday, June 17, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:39 pm | 0 Comments

And up and down, and up and down. One. Two. Three. From the top. And one. two. three. One more one more. Bottom halves. And up and down. And up and down.

Todays bodypump session was goooooooooooood! Todays instructor was a replacement. I've not tried the instructor who usually teaches this session so i couldnt compare but this other guy was gooooood shit, if you know what i'm saying.

He was hard to the core. Pushing us all the way with full intensity and power. It was rep after rep after rep.

Was happy with todays session, manage to stay with the 5kg plates for most of the workouts. I particularly enjoyed the stretching at the end of the workout. He combined it with bodypump and body balance stretching, something really interesting. I for one enjoys body balance so it was goooooood shit.

Looking forward to the weekend, will be attending my friends wedding.


Accident on a friday morning

Posted : by johnybravo at 11:42 am | 0 Comments

Was driving to work as usual but this time i had to take a different route coz i had to drop my mom off somewhere near PUDU. So i was along Jalan Gereja waiting at the traffic light.

There was a traffic policeman directing the traffic along Jalan Raja Chulan, the traffic police was not visible to me coz the car on my right was blocking my view, so when the light turned green and i turned left, i suddenly saw the traffic police and a car was coming towards my way very fast so i pressed the brakes. The traffic police was allowing the cars on the right to go right through.

In a split second suddenly i felt a *bump*, i instantly knew that i was bang from the back. I looked at my rear mirror and it was just my luck! The car was just serviced yesterday and today it gets hit from behind!

So the both of us parked our cars in a taxi stand and got out to check the damages. The bottom left of my bumper was hit and there is a small crack and the bumper is jutting out a but but it wasn't that serious. From my pass experiences, this sort of damages although looking minor and inexpensive, it can cost you up to RM400++, moulding the fiberglass bumper and respraying it is not cheap these days.

We quickly exchanged details and he said to let him know the bill when its fixed. Later after an hour or two since the accident i called him up to settled it there and then, coz it very troublesome to schedule to meet up and go to a workshop to estimate the cost of the damages. He was working near my office, so i met up with him at his office. I reasoned with him that if he didnt have the time and wanted to wait for the bill, we my as well go to the police station to report the accident which in return he would be fined RM300 for hitting my car from behind and i would claim his insurance which would be another headache to him!

He then realized how much trouble it was and i`m on the loosing end actually, coz i just ask him to reimburse me RM300 and i would have to cover the rest of the cost if it was not enough. So he gave me a bankers cheque as a proof of payment and i was off on my way back to work. It was really a quick and peaceful resolution, thank goodness. So much for being a relaxing friday.


Enough is enough

Posted : Thursday, June 16, 2005 by johnybravo at 7:47 pm | 9 Comments

I cant take it anymore.. i've wasted my pass 3 months of effort. From a good 70kg to now 75.6kg(my current weight stripped down to bare naked). Enough is enough, i cant stand being so out of shape for so long, its time to get up and take action.

My belly is getting to the size of a freaking basketball and i`m not even 40 yet. This is what my dad calls it "Truncal obesity", i call it "skinny fat". Damn i hate those words.

For the next 3 months i am going to workout 5 days in row to reduce my belly and weight to a respectable 70kg and after that i am going to build them muscles.

Image hosted by     Image hosted by
                    Before                                                  After

Its all in the mind, thats my motto for this challenge. I wanna be fit for life. Its time to stop being lazy and back into the active lifestyle. Wish me luck guys and hope everyone stays healthy as well.


Pirated softwares

Posted : by johnybravo at 7:30 pm | 2 Comments

I saw my friend online on MSN and i messaged him and asked him if he was free for lunch. He then told me that he was at home! I then responded - "MC ah?"(sick leave), no need to work ah?

Then he told me his computer was confiscated and that there was a "yee em chai"(traitor) who informed the authorities about the pirated software his company was using(the original softwares were already ordered but have not arrived yet). So he didn't have to go to work coz there was no PC for him to work on.

I asked him "so how much you guys getting fined?" Apparently its 10 - 20k for each software!(but these figures could be wrong)

Next i asked my friend how much does the fella who reported you guys get? My friend told me that the officer told them that that person would get at least 20 - 30k and if he showed his face in court he will get 50k - but i dont think that fella will be such a dumbass as to do so.

He also told me that maybe its someone who had resigned from the company who reported them. So beware out there my friends, pirated softwares is a serious business. Get the legal ones or BE VERY VERY CAREFUL, hahahaha.


Through thick and thin...

Posted : Wednesday, June 15, 2005 by johnybravo at 1:35 am | 4 Comments

My G3 canon 4.0 Megapixel digital camera has been with me for 2 and a half years already. It has been with me through thick and thin, good times and the bad times, travel high up into the mountains and as far as the amazing Angkor Wat in cambodia. Never have i once dropped my camera, no matter how tough the situation is, high above at 4000++meters or deep down in the watery and muddy caves.

I wanna pay tribute to my camera who has captured alot of great and happy moments for me in my life. Here are some pictures from my outdoor adventures and travelling photos as well...

Bukit Datuk

Frasers Hill

Relaxing Berkelah Waterfall

Mysterious Gunung Ledang

Spectacular Gunung Kinabalu

Amazing Mt. Api, Pinnacles

Tallest in south-east asia Jelawang Waterfall

Muddy mossy forest Gunung Irau

Cascading Jerangkang Waterfall

Breathtaking Rainbow Waterfall

Leech infested Gunung Liang East & West

Mosquito infested Sungai Sendat Waterfall

Paya Indah Wetlands

Nameless, opposite Bukit Tabur

Thorny Mount Swetthenhem

National reserve, Taman Negara

Gunung Tahan

Sunrise at Gunung Tahan

Freezing Sungai Chilling

4WD fun challenge


Mystical Angkor Wat

Tonle Sap river

Sleeping Buddha, Thailand


War Of The Worlds

Posted : Tuesday, June 14, 2005 by johnybravo at 7:09 pm | 0 Comments

In theaters this summer 29th June 2005

[ official website ]


Interesting Quote

Posted : Monday, June 13, 2005 by johnybravo at 4:30 pm | 0 Comments

Came across this while surfing through some forum...

"Football is perhaps the last spectacle which is able to create an open and intense social relationship. Nobody is forced to come to the stadium. Nobody is forced to sing."- [ Eric Cantona ]


Weekend at the Tempurung Cave

Posted : by johnybravo at 9:36 am | 3 Comments

First, abit of history about the cave.

One of the most majestic White Marble & Limestone formations in Malaysia is the Tempurung Mountain. Concealed within this limestone massif in an intricate system of caves of magnificent proportions forming a honeycomb inside the limestone hill. These caves are actually a breath-taking gallery of Stalagmites, Stalactites, Rim Stone Pools, Curtains, Straws, Flowstones, Crystals, Pillars & other amazing rock formations, which are a sample of superb speleological wonders found only in this part of the world. The cave meanders under the limestone hill forming a tunnel of wondrous and endless rock formations that run from East to West with a stream running through it nearly 1.9 KM in length. In early 1950 to 1960 this cave was used by the Communist as a hide out as there are drawings and writings (in mandarin) found on the wall at the Rolls Royce Chamber and also you will see some tools left by Communist & miners (mining for Tin) in the early 1970's at the Gergasi Chamber and a beautiful hanging rock garden at Alam Chamber.

Tempurung cave is suitable for beginners (for educational caving) as well as for the adventurous one, as you walk into this cave you will see almost all cave formations and it is one of the most beautiful caves in Malaysia.

We started our journey at 730am and headed towards the north south highway. It was a smooth and clear journey throughout the ride. Expected time of arrival is at 10am. Going at around 110km/ph we manage to reach there sharp at 10am. This place is not a very huge place, the carpark space is moderate only.There is a few food shops and a toilet with 5 showers and 5 toilets both mens and womens.

Upon reaching there you will be able to see the large entrance of the Gua Tempurung. For non adventure tourist, its one way in and one way out through the wooden and steel platforms made. We were advise not to bring anything that would get damaged by water coz we were going to get all wet or that we wrap it properly with plastic bag to avoid getting it wet. So i did not bring my camera along and therefore no pictures were taken. The adventure started at around 1030am. Before entering the caves, there was a friendly guide who was telling us that this cave has more steps than the batu caves! He was also telling us how there are crocodiles, dinosaurs and horses in there too, yeah rite! As we entered the cave, you can smell a faint smell of bat poo.

This cave does not have many bats compared to the caves in mulu. After showing us many limestone formations, the guide showed us bat poo and was telling us even this bat poo could form a picture as well, a drumstick, hehehe. A few interesting formations are the dolphin, a t-rex, smilling buddha, a pregnant lady and the common formation, a jellyfish.

After walking quite a distance into the cave we reached a point where there was a cool breeze of air flowing through, the guide was explaining to us how the wind from outside flows at the side of the cave and along the walls of the caves and spirals at the point at where we were. You could be standing on the left and you would feel no wind at all and on your right a cool breeze that was very refreshing.

The other group had to go back the same way they came from as they reached their final destination for the non-adventure tour. Imagine all those steps they have to go through AGAIN! We bid our farewell with them and headed down the long and steep stairs leading deeper into the cave. Soon we reached a flat area where the guide stopped us and asked us to turn off our torchlights and walk along the railings. He was trying to let us feel how it is to walk in total darkness and also to tell us to walk slowly when inside the cave for our safety.

This is what you call TOTAL DARKNESS, you couldnt even see the person infront of you if he was standing right infront of your face. There were not many ascends but descends instead. It was a rather flat journey until we reached the river. We had to bent our bodies down and crawl at certain points. There were a few holes that we had to go through and let ourselves down the holes. The fun part was the natural made slide and the commando crawling in the river under the stalagmites.

It was river walking all the way out after the commando crawling. At the end of the adventure we finally see sunlight and exit by the river beside the main entrance where we initially started our journey. Overall, this place is quite fun and very easy. But its not a place i would come a again, one time is good enough.

I have been to the Mulu caves before and this is nothing compared to the mulu caves. Even the bat poo smell is 100 times more pungent and the adventure caving is much more interesting. If anyone of you is going to the Mulu Caves the Clear Water Connection adventure caving is much recommended.

Some pictures from my Mulu Trip:


My never ending story

Posted : Saturday, June 11, 2005 by johnybravo at 12:29 am | 3 Comments

I have this problem of buying shoes. It can be any kind of shoes, none in particular. Football boots, futsal/indoor soccer shoes, gym shoes, hiking shoes or even sandals.

As ArmyGirl calls it, "your never ending story". I can look and look and look at different pair of shoes from different brands and designs and i always find it hard to look for a pair i really feel comfortable with. I can spend a few hours just looking for a shoe i want and end up not buying anything at all.

I am an Adidas supporter but lately i find that adidas is lacking in coming up with better designs. Their shoes are not as nice as the Nike ones but i must say that adidas shoe are hell of alot more worth your money than nike shoes, and they last longer too.

ArmyGirl says i have more shoes than she has. Thats because i havent trash those that i cant used anymore, they are just left there lying to rot and decay, hahaha.

Lets get back to the topic, so i can go into any shoe shop, look at different types of shoes of a particular type i`m looking for and test and test and look and look and i will still not be satisfied at all. I think i have very particular taste when it comes to my shoes! I blame this on my feet!

Just last night i was looking for a pair of hiking shoes. I went to BATA, coz they are the most affortable shoes in the market now. But i still couldnt find a pair that i really like and feel comfortable with. After going in and out of adidas, nike & bata i still couldnt make up my mind.

In the end, i decided to go home and sleep on it and look for my shoe the very next day and maybe then i will be able to find something i truly feel comfortable with and like it as well. Dont forget the price has to be right as well, hahaha.


The missing boys

Posted : Friday, June 10, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:05 am | 3 Comments

If you've read theSTAR recently you'll know about the four boys who went missing while jungle trekking in Frasers Hill.

read the articles here [
wednesday ] [ thursday ] [ friday ]

I do lots of mountain and jungle hiking and camping, it is a relieved that the four boys have been found and they are safe and alive.

About a year ago, i actually went jungle trekking on this same route which these boys got lost. The trail is actually quite straight forward and i dont think you can get lost that easily. But i must say that their signage is very bad, its too high up. Imagine i`m 5' 7" and i almost missed the sign which points to the exit.

Me and my best friend entered the trail through Bishop's House and wanted to exit at Muar Cottage (Bishop's trail) but we over shot the exit due to bad signage and the exit was not a very visible path. We went straight towards the maxwell trail(this is the trail the boys took and got lost) which you would exit near the school. Fortunately there was a fallen tree blocking the trail so we decided to turn back, we went backwards since we couldn't find the muar cottage exit. While walking back we stopped at a broken down hut for ppl to rest. Sitting down and looking up into the tall trees i suddenly notice a small wooden signboard saying Muar Cottage!

I was like "apalah, why they put the sign so high up". I was thinking to myself, if we didnt stop at this hut to rest we would not have found the sign and would have walked all the way back to Bishops house. So when i read about the four boys getting lost i wasnt suprised. Coz there could have been a fallen tree and they might have tried to get around the tree and side tracked away from the trail and suddenly everything looks the same and therefore they got lost.

Their parents should have accompanied them, they are 10 years old after all. Fortunately, the two older boys, who are scouts, used their jungle trekking experience and knowledge gained from a recently attended survival training course to make their way to a stream, where they were found by four orang asli trackers.

They drank stream water to survive and stayed close to each other to keep warm at night. It can get very very cold at night at Frasers Hill and the winds are pretty strong as well. It was good thinking from the boys to gather some leaves and sleep together side by side to keep their bodies warm.

I am reading the article compiled in theSTAR while writing this and i was correct that there was a fallen tree blocking the trail. The siblings older brother,Tsyr Chun, 19, said “When they saw the log, they turned back but ended up taking the wrong path”. All in all, i`m glad that they are unhurt with some light bruises and scratches and safe. So a reminder to all parents and young hikers, look where you're going and try to recognize certain terrains in the jungle to avoid getting lost and make your parents accompany ya'll, aight.

I`ll be going caving this weekend, have fun ya'll, aight.


Today's session

Posted : Wednesday, June 08, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:23 pm | 0 Comments

I felt better today, maintained using a heavier weight compared to last week. This time around i wasn't as tired as before and my arms don't feel like sausages :)

The instructor looked rather impressive today, he used heavier weights compared to last week and he didnt look like he broke a sweat at all. But comparing his workout routine and the previous instructor i would say his is not that hardcore. Maybe this is a good thing for me as i am starting all over again.

When i regain my fitness again i think i'll join sessions conducted by the previous instructor but for now it will do. Will be going for futsal tomorrow... Keep the spirit pumping people.


Lets get it on...

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After this months conditioning period i will start my weights workout with full concentration and dedication, there will be daily/weekly/monthly updates on my progress. I will take this month to condition my body to lift weights again, it usually takes 3 months but since i've had a few years of experience i dont need that long to get back in to shape again.

I plan to post up before and after photos of my progress from time to time, plus daily routines and if possible meal plans as well... Might be going Gua Tempurung or Sg. Chilling this weekend... wait for the photos.


Recommended book

Posted : Monday, June 06, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:49 pm | 4 Comments

Loung Ung was only five years old when PolPot's Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh in 1975. As with hundreds of others, her family was forced to leave thier home. What follows is a harrowing tale of survival and courage of a child and her family. Written with innate passion, this memoir speaks for all survivors of that brutal regime. You will read this moving memoir through tears. Truly unforgettable.

Excerpt taken from the book - "Pa believes the war will last for a long time and this make the very act of living sad for him"

I read this book when i visited cambodia last year, i highly recommend it. Check out one of the reviews [


Porridge steamboat

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Some city scenary near dataran merdeka towards PUDU. It looks a little bit like new york or london. Anyway, took a trip down to kl yesterday night to try out a famous restaurant selling steamboat, PORRDIGE STEAMBOAT. Its your conventional steamboat with all the similiar ingredients you normally would have in a steamboat except its soup is porridge. This place is located in PUDU near Times Square.

When i got there i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw how long the queue was and the waiting list was 2 exercise book pages long; my name was at the bottom of that page. So we decided to go to the other porridge steamboat restaurants. We were too hungry to wait. The porridge they used is not as tasty but it was good enough to ease our hunger. Its a good thing we didn't wait coz when we finished our dinner the queue at the restaurant we wanted to go in the first place was just as long as when we first arrived and that was 2 hours ago...

The original destination

But ended up here...

Some pictures from the steamboat...