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Happy Chinese New Year

Posted : Saturday, January 28, 2006 by johnybravo at 4:28 am | 10 Comments

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long, but i`ve been busy...

For this festive season i have taken some pictures around town which has gone Tanglung Lantern crazy.

Here are some Lantern pictures to keep you guys busy, oh i also took 2 variations of the twin towers.

Here is how the environment around town looks like now...

Along Jalan P.Ramlee

Mandarin Oriental

Inside at Lai Po Heen

Even the Rock has gone Tanglung crazy...

Corner of Jln. Raja Chulan and Jln. Sultan Ismail

On the way to Sg. Wang

Sungai Wang

Berjaya Times Square

Along Jln. Ampang

Suria KLCC

Infront of Suria KLCC

Okay i think there are too many pictures of Tanglung to last you for a long time, hahaha. So its good bye for now until after the Chinese New Year.


food poisoning

Posted : Monday, January 09, 2006 by johnybravo at 9:48 am | 3 Comments

First post of the year and already its not a good one. Was down with food poisoning yesterday morning and i was vomiting and diarhea all day long. Had to force vomit a couple of times to get the bad food out.

Its not funny when you have food poisoning, you lose alot of water, you're dehydrated and you become very weak.

I planned my sunday to go looking for a dry cabinet to store my camera equipment. So i got up early, fetched TodsGirl to work and went to the nearby market to get some breakfast. I usually eat at the coffeeshop. BUT i DONT KNOW WHY ON THIS NICE WINDY MORNING, i decided to go to the market to BUY NASI LEMAK!

After breakfast i went straight to MidValley to source for my dry cabinet. Haven't been to mega mall in a while. It still looks the same, No renovations done interior wise but exterior wise there is massive constructions going on. At this point i was already feeling very uncomfortable, there were no stomache's or feeling of wanting to go to the toilet but just plain uncomfortable, lots of wind in the stomach.

I had no choice but to still continue my search for my stuff although i would have wanted to leave earlier. So finally i found my dry cabinet, paid and got the hell out of there. This dry cabinet is quite heavy and carrying something heavy while feeling very uncomfortable is not nice at all.

So i carried the stuff to my car, put it in the back seat and off i went. To make matters worst, there was this idiot of a driver who decided to go the opposite direction and wanted to use the KELUAR ram which i was already half way down and wanted me to move to one side for his convinience, MORON. He was on the right side of the ram which is the direction which i want to go and he wanted me to come down the ram and move to the left so he can conviniently move up the ram which is the opposite direction. At this point i wanted to just show him the finger but instead i just waved to him to get out of the way which he hesitantly did.

Got home and cleaned the dry cabinet and got it running and waited for it to set the humidity to the right level. It was there and then that i really started to feel very very uncomfortable. I just lye on the bed and there was this thumping headache all of a sudden. I was starting to feel cold and i think a little feverish as well.

The stomach just became more and more uncomfortable. I knew then that i had food poisoning from previous experiences. I decided to force vomit it out cause thats the most effective way to recover faster. Twice i vomit but only water came out and instantly i felt better already but after a while the diarrhea came and i was practically hanging out in the toilet, hehehe.

I felt much better around 3 something PM, so i decided to join the guys for my usual futsal session. I thought it would be better to sweat it out and i would feel much better. Didnt really play that well and only lasted for about and hour instead of two. After the game, i went home, took my shower and instantly felt the same uncomfortness. This time i was shivering and felt very cold and had fever. I wore my track suit and long sleeve shirt and wrap myself up like a cocooned with my blanket.

Was practically like that the whole night until this morning. Mind you i didnt have lunch or dinner. Talk about being economical. Only had a bottle of 100plus to help neutralize the stomach from getting gastric or whatever.

I feel much better now and hope i will be fine for the rest of the day.