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One day..

Posted : Friday, February 27, 2009 by johnybravo at 9:49 am

Malaysia's Highest Peaks

1. Kinabalu (4,095m/13,435ft)
2. Trusmadi (2,642m/8,668ft)
3. Tambuyukon (2579m/8461ft)
4. Murud (2,386m/7,946ft)
5. Mulu (2,341m/7,795ft)
6. Tahan (2,187m/7,299ft)
7. Korbu (2,183m/7,277ft)
8. Yong Belar (2,181m/7,270ft)
9. Gayong (2,173m/7,243ft)
10. Chamah (2,171m/7,237ft)
11. Yong Yap (2,168m/7,227ft)
12. Ulu Sepat (2,158m/7,193ft)
13. Batu Putih (2,131m/7,103ft)
14. Irau (2,110m/7,033ft)
15. Benom (2,107m/7,023ft)

Those in orange are those that i have climbed. Those in yellow are top 10 in peninsular malaysia.

I shall complete the G7(top highest in peninsular malaysia) & G12(top highest in malaysia) one day...

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Blogger izso said...

Eh I thought you went to Korbu and Yong Belar already with those taikors?

And when I saw the topic "One day" followed by Malaysia's highest peaks, thought you wanted to do all that in one day. *cough cough*

9/3/09 1:02 pm

Blogger johnybravo said...

no lah, you cant do it in one day... one month maybe... saw a post somewhere, which a guy who actually completed it in one month one after another...

10/3/09 10:32 am


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