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Scam sms - AGAIN!

Posted : Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by johnybravo at 12:19 pm

Refer to my previous post!


Congratulations, Anda
Menang Hadiah Wang
Tunai RM10,000. From
PETRONAS Berhad. Sila
Hub talian office:
00628988836569. Terima


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Blogger vialentino said...

relax bro....complaint to maxis ler!

25/2/09 4:27 pm

Blogger Tan said...

haha, I also just got this sms. really need to report it to MMC

5/3/09 3:44 pm

Blogger izso said...

What country code is that? It's amazing how foreigners can speak such good Malay and I can't. Sigh.

9/3/09 1:04 pm

Blogger johnybravo said...

no idea where its from but if you reply and call, you pay... hahahha

10/3/09 10:33 am


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