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Its been a tiring week

Posted : Saturday, November 15, 2008 by johnybravo at 11:52 am

Mon : Chest (killer workout)
Tue : Shoulders (killer workout) - start to feel sore from mondays workout
Wed : Back (Mild workout) + evening 9.2km run - Shoulders and chest are all sore
Thur : Raise white flag (rest) hahaha
Fri : Biceps/Triceps (Semi killer workout) - shoulders and chest feeling not so sore
Sat : Morning 11km jog (rained cats and dogs and everything under the sun)
Sun : Morning 7-9km run + futsal

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Blogger teikjoon said...

I read this already feel tired, hehe...

19/11/08 11:12 am

Blogger johnybravo said...

Actually, i skipped the sunday morning run.

Had fever from running under rain on sat. Just settled for futsal on sunday only...

19/11/08 11:19 am


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