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Posted : Tuesday, June 17, 2008 by johnybravo at 3:49 pm

Its been a while since i last lifted weights. I've only been jogging and running and playing football for exercise but soon realize that its not enough.

So i am on a few weeks plan to get fit for a 21km Marathon in August.

Which consist of some strength(lifting weights)+ stretching sessions and lots of running/jogging a few km's a day.

So i decided to try out an old workout plan from Men's Health Magazine. And it only involved Leg Press, Front angled lunges, Calf raise, Bench press, Bicep curls and thats it. Did the Leg presses with ease and soon realized how unfit i am these days. When it came to the front angled lunges, that totally killed my hamstrings. They were like violins strings being played.

I almost cramped but manage to pull through to finish the whole workout. And today my glutes, quads and hamstrings are begging for mercy. I can lose balance if i walk too fast, hahaha. I need a day or two to recover from the muscle aches.

As for marathons, will be participating in a 10km run on the first sunday of July. The good thing about this run is that more of my friends will be joining me for this marathon. Wooo Hooo. So i hope they have been training like how i have been training, not necessary similar but atleast do some jogging or running. Hahaha

A simple guide to train for a 10km marathon is rest on mondays, run 3km on tuesday, wednesday & thursday then do an hour of cross training on friday, 1 hour of cardio on saturday and cross train or jog for an hour on sunday. Do these for a few weeks and rest assured you will come in within qualifying time, that is if you dont weight anywhere between 80-90kg! hahaha.

Okay, till the next marathon...

p/s: Will be going for a camping trip this weekend and it involves hiking up 3 mountains. in-te-rest-ing.

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Blogger Nicholas said...

still as fit as usual..ganbateh..
perhaps we can jog together sometimes...

21/6/08 6:36 pm

Blogger johnybravo said...

I`m not that fit already lah, barely scrap through everytime... Stamina not so good already...

Need lots and lots of training...

23/6/08 9:09 am

Blogger izso said...

Getting o-l-d? :D

As for the 3 mountains, you're going Tahan?

24/6/08 6:28 am

Blogger johnybravo said...

You're getting old, i`m just lack of training ;)

And since when is Gunung Tahan related to 3 mountains? x|

24/6/08 9:08 am

Blogger Nicholas said... ur next hiking trip remember to jio ler...if i can make, i really wanna join the fun or should I rephrase it to torture..

25/6/08 12:18 am


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