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its been a while...

Posted : Monday, June 15, 2009 by johnybravo at 4:12 pm

Been busy training for my full marathon coming this 28th June @ SCKLM...

It used to be makan bola, minum bola & tidur bola!

Now its makan pun lari, minum pun mesti lari! & tidur pun mimpi lari!!!


Its tapering time... i`ll be running less and less and less and resting more and more and more and watching my diet for this next two weeks till the marathon...

No more updates till my marathon finishes... till then Au Revoir...

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training week#2

Posted : Tuesday, March 10, 2009 by johnybravo at 10:23 am | 15 Comments

Fortunately yesterday was a public holiday as i practically slept the whole day... slept between meals, slept after meals and slept before meals... hahaha - thats how exhausted i was, still not used to the high mileage of running for my FULL MARATHON training...

and this is just intermediate LEVEL 1 training... :p

Mon - swim 30 minutes
Tue - Run 5km (7m30s/km)
Wed - Run 8km (6m30s/km)
Thu - Run 5km (7m30s/km)
Fri - Rest (my favourite day, haha)
Sat - Run 8km (8m/km) but i only managed 6km
Sun - Run 15km (8m/km) - felt very tired throughout the whole day

Totaly mileage for the week = 39km (this is considered peanuts to others)

So as i was saying fortunately Monday was a holiday as i literally slept the whole day... hahahaha

Had a very good rest and its back to running again today...


One day..

Posted : Friday, February 27, 2009 by johnybravo at 9:49 am | 2 Comments

Malaysia's Highest Peaks

1. Kinabalu (4,095m/13,435ft)
2. Trusmadi (2,642m/8,668ft)
3. Tambuyukon (2579m/8461ft)
4. Murud (2,386m/7,946ft)
5. Mulu (2,341m/7,795ft)
6. Tahan (2,187m/7,299ft)
7. Korbu (2,183m/7,277ft)
8. Yong Belar (2,181m/7,270ft)
9. Gayong (2,173m/7,243ft)
10. Chamah (2,171m/7,237ft)
11. Yong Yap (2,168m/7,227ft)
12. Ulu Sepat (2,158m/7,193ft)
13. Batu Putih (2,131m/7,103ft)
14. Irau (2,110m/7,033ft)
15. Benom (2,107m/7,023ft)

Those in orange are those that i have climbed. Those in yellow are top 10 in peninsular malaysia.

I shall complete the G7(top highest in peninsular malaysia) & G12(top highest in malaysia) one day...


Scam sms - AGAIN!

Posted : Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by johnybravo at 12:19 pm | 4 Comments

Refer to my previous post!


Congratulations, Anda
Menang Hadiah Wang
Tunai RM10,000. From
PETRONAS Berhad. Sila
Hub talian office:
00628988836569. Terima



GE 30KM Run 2009

Posted : Friday, February 20, 2009 by johnybravo at 11:43 am | 1 Comments

The Great Eastern Pacesetters 30km 2009 run was held on 18th of January 2009. I can truly say i PIA UNTIL REALLY KAO LAT! hahaha.

It started out at 6am early in the morning, very cool and nice weather to start the run, felt so fresh. I was away on a one month back packing trip and did not have time to train except the 5-6 hours of walking everyday and climbing up and down my sleeping berth on the top bunk of the train.

So i came back a week before the run and was very excited but scared at the same time. No training and its not a 10km race but 30km! Thats like the distance of my going to work and coming back home...

I manage to pace with some friends and i manage to survive until the 25km when i "hit the wall"(a term used in running to describe that you cant go on anymore). When i crossed the finishing line with a sprint finish i was amazed at what i have achieve, as i have never ever gone that far before in my life. For a rookie with 1 year of running i was proud of my achievement that day. Here are some pictures...

Run No : A0081
Result : 03:44:56

Category : 265/321
Sex : 571/679
Overall : 652/789