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sudoku all night long

Posted : Wednesday, July 27, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:19 am | 2 Comments

I have been playing sudoku almost everynight, challenging SudokuQueen to see who completes it and gets the least mistakes. There is a new sudoku challenge everyday since the 1st of july, challenge yourself to a game of [ sudoku ].


Another one bites the dust

Posted : Friday, July 22, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:12 am | 7 Comments

This is another fitness center review.

What's with fitness centers that end their names with the word fitness? Fitness is secondary to everything else?

My current fitness center "FF" is pretty good. My previous fitness center "FN" was also pretty good. The recent fitness center i visited "TF" was also not that bad except for bad management and company policy. And now the latest fitness center i visited "CF" didnt really impressed me much.

They wear this awful dull looking purple uniform, which is not to my liking, should have just worned something bright and pleasent. Had to do the usual filling up forms and wait for a consultant to take you up to give you a tour of the place.

The consultant, started asking me stuff like whats your goal coming to a gym, how long you wish to achieve it, when do you wish to achieve it, blah..blah.. blah.. . HE then showed me the cardio section. Said we have 100++ cardio machines, from treadmill to cross country, to flat and high bikes, WHATs NEW? i thought to myself. Then he showed me the pilates studio, where they had around 10 reformer machines - this was like WOW to me, i've always wanted to try these machines out, but its $$$ lots of moo. Next he showed me the stretching area which looked rather small or weirdly shaped.

We then walked across to the other side where there we more treadmills facing the highway over looking the huge monsoon drain beside the highway, the view is okay but the cool thing about this is the sunlight from above shines onto these machines, kinda nice if you wanna get some sun while jogging/running. Up next are the workout machines, they have 3 different machines for every body part with a total of 76 machines - whatever. After that, he showed me the spinning class, "this is the spinning class but theres no spinning actually going on" - HAR HAR HAR so not funny. Okay anyway, next is the free weights section - to my dissapointment its rather small for such a huge gym but it does look nice with all the new equipment and weights.

Then next he showed me the biggest studio in malaysia, forgot how many square feet. He said we are the only gym in malaysia to have classes every hour - i was like hmm not bad, then i looked at the studio again and thought to myself, why is it empty at that hour when he told me they have classes every hour? - more BS. He even tried to impress me with - we are the only gym in malaysia to have 5 BRAZZZZILIAN instructors, 4 males and 1 female and he also said that they are rather hot looking as well... SO? I was patience and nice to the consultant coz this is the usual routine they have to go through when someone new comes to check the gym out.

Okie then next he took me to the discussion tables and asked me to wait for him for a while. HE then showed me a brochure, to start explaining their prices and what they offer. He showed me the top portion of the brouchure with the rest of the brochure covered by the form i filled when i first arrived. It showed two columns, joining fees and monthly fees - RM988 RM288.

He said this is the joining fees and this is the monthly fees which you have to maintain for one year. Then he pushed the form further down to reveal the bottom portion of the brochure. A new plan, if i join now he can offer me RM198 joining fees , admin fees RM98 and RM189 monthly fees and you can pay by visa or mastercard coz we only accept those two cards here. So will you be paying by visa or mastercard?

I WAS saying in my head MAH LAN CHAT AH? WTF. I was about to shout out these words - you havent even shown me the F**king shower room and you want me to sign up and assuming i want to sign up now? I havent even had the time to think about it, not even consider it. Then after that he fliped the form i filled out and showed me the first time visit promotion sign up. Joining fees RM198, admin fees waived and monthly fees - "an astounding reduction from RM288 a month to RM149" - WOW KA POW KUNG FU CHICKEN PAO! - more BS. What an offer you cant resist! yeah rite!

Then i told him i'll try it out first and then i'll consider it then(coz i got a free 7 day pass from a competition i won earlier this month) and he like sort of wanted to frighten me, if you join after your free trial you wont get these promotion anymore, then i told him the same thing again after faking like i`m considering the offer - NO i wont be signing up NOW! i`ll try it out first.

He then took like so damn long to process my free pass and get all the details down and then gave me a slip that looked like a carbon copy of a receipt and told me this is your 7 day pass, you can start working out tomorrow onwards.

So i left a sort of happy man, coz i got what i came for.

So WHATS UP with fitness centers that end their names with FITNESS? does it say something? we only care about MONEY FIRST, FITNESS SECOND OR NONE? These fitnesss center are quite, i repeat quite okay only(with their new high-5 equipments which means shit to me, coz i`m looking for hardcore free weights section) might look very impressive and offer lots of unbelievable classes and opens and closes at times(6am - 12am) which not many other gyms offer BUT why must it always be spoilt by bad management and bad company policies? They only see money in their eyes(dont blame them for this) but atleast dont put yourself so low until you havent even let the potential customers try out the place and then try to sucker and pressure them into joining the gym on the first visit!

Anyway SreetFighterGirl says it won't last long. I think so too...


lift story no.2

Posted : Thursday, July 21, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:53 am | 1 Comments

There are 6 lifts at my work place all of them are in very bad shape and poorly maintained. Only recently has the management decided to upgrade the lifts. One of the lifts has been newly installed and its the fastest lift there now. Another one is in the midst of its upgrade and the rest are just pray hard it doesnt stall halfway. They say it takes 6 months to fully upgrade ONE lift.

So this one lift which has been fully upgraded is a stand alonte lift. It is not connected to the rest of the lifts. Like for example, usually if you press any lift button it will activate all the other lifts but this lift will only be active if you press the button at that particular lift. You get the drift.

So imagine you're on the highest level on this newly installed lift, level 21 and people on different level will press the button for the old lifts and the button for this new lift. So this is the scenario:

*Twenty first floor, going down*
*Twentieth floor, going down*
*Nineteen floor, going down*
*Eighteen floor, going down*
*bing* .....

All the way until *bing* *Ground floor, going up*

You get the drift. It can get pretty irritating when you're rushing for time.

On another note, i heard that if a lift fails to work in China, they will hire 100 - 200 people and fix the lift the very same day! How cool is that! Why take six months when it can be done in a day!


new layout

Posted : by johnybravo at 3:28 am | 3 Comments

so what do you all think about the new layout? or do you prefer the old design better?


design change mistake

Posted : Wednesday, July 20, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:05 am | 0 Comments

sorry for the mistake, was experimenting with a new layout design yesterday and forgot to put the old design back up.. just bear with this for today.. the old design will be back up soon...



Posted : by johnybravo at 9:39 am | 3 Comments

When you reach the lift whats your first reaction?

  • is it the correct lift
  • is the button pressed or not
  • is there any available lifts at the moment
  • look at the digital floor counter above
  • stand there and wait

Is it human reaction to simply just keep on pressing the lift button when they can see with their human eyes that its already pressed and that the lift is coming down to their floor or its moving the direction that they wanna go? So why although in sight, that the lift button is pressed do they still wanna press it? A sign of assurance that its pressed and to make sure that it is coming to your floor?

So, why why why why? Can't just stand there and resist the temptation of pressing the damn button when its already pressed? cis....


leg pain

Posted : Monday, July 18, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:04 am | 3 Comments

I have bruised my knee and it hurts like hell. Will have to stop all sports and no more straining on the knees but can still resume light weight training for the rest of the body.

This is my first time experiencing knee injuries, only had bruises or twisted ankle or fractured fingers/arm or body aches but no knee injury. Oh well looks like i have to rest more. Will be out for a few weeks or more.


More stuff at Dreamcars Asia

Posted : Wednesday, July 13, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:16 pm | 2 Comments

These is what i liked best at the car show: a scooter

here are some of the sound systems that were there:


Dreamcars Asia Motorshow

Posted : by johnybravo at 1:55 pm | 4 Comments

It was a rather sunny friday afternoon and i decided to go to the Dreamcars Asia Motorshow held at the KL Convention Centre (Hall 1 - 5). In the beginning i was very enthusiastic to see many nice cars, here are some of them.

but it wasn't much to shout about, here are some of the setups and a couple of bikes:

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by


Moth's everywhere

Posted : Tuesday, July 05, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:46 pm | 4 Comments

What does it means when you see moths? It is believed that your ancestors or belated one's are visiting you or miss you, something like that. So what does it actually mean when you see moths everywhere?

They are flying near the window, they are in the canteen, in the emergency exit staircase, outside on the building, on the sidewalks, at the main entrance, reception area, they are everywhere.

After reading [ this ], i think its because of global warming. Coz moths emerge from their cocoons during the first occurrence of hot humid weather. Its damn humid and hot these days when it should be raining at this time of the year. So its trying to tell us that our freaking planet is too polluted and global warming is getting worst and we should do our part to reduce the pollution.


damn shy man!

Posted : Friday, July 01, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:22 pm | 2 Comments

i came into the gym early today, got changed and went up to the studio. I was wondering how come still nobody one ah? It was oredi 10 minutes till the class starts. So i took all the weights and board and mat and bar and lay it out on the floor and then suddenly an instructor whom i do not recognize comes in and shows me the X sign and waving his hands like doing the cleopetra.

I was like WTF? then he said didnt you know the pump class has been pushed earlier this month onwards, you just missed it! AAARRRGGGHHH! damn shy man! i actually knew there were schedule changes but i didnt see the times properly so therefore i thought the afternoon classes did not change! Of all the classes i go to, only this class changed, the rest remained! :P

Wah damn malu man, quietly put back all the equipments man! and the class that was going to commence was bodyjam( that explains the cleopetra movement), so the chicks were rolling in and i was rolling out, hahaha. Luckily there was a spinning class at the same time. So i joined the spinning class lor. As usual sweated till i cant sweat no more. Legs certified taufu!


getting back on track

Posted : by johnybravo at 11:07 am | 0 Comments

Its been a good week so far. Manage to attend RPM and Pump the pass few days and will be going for pump again today. I am slowly getting back on track with the 3 day a week routine and will slowly push for 5 days a week and when i`m ready, i will start on weights again.

Gone are the glory days of benching 70kg and doing 15kg weights for biceps and a personal best of 154kg for my squats. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and gain some fat in the process of cutting it down and slacking as well.

Its time to get back into it and make those gains again. Will be checking out celebrity fitness soon as i have some freebies to claim from there.

Have a nice weekend ya'll...