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dont forget to fill up

Posted : Thursday, October 20, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:02 am | 3 Comments

Yesterday was a nice evening to laze on the bed and do some sudoku.

As i was trying to solve a sudoku puzzle i suddenly got a call from my brother. He called me up and asked me what i was doing, i told him i was just lying on the bed. Then he told me that he has no more petrol in his car and he is stuck at the highway!!!!

What horror! At around 7 something in the evening with heavy rain pouring down, it wasn't a good time to be out of petrol. Heavy traffic and heavy rain is not a good combination for anything.

I asked my dad to come along to help me out. When we got to the petrol station we filled up a nescafe glass bottle(never use plastic bottles to fill up petrol, unless its those specially made plastic bottles) and it costs RM1.22 but then its too little to pay with card. I didnt have any money with me and my dad didnt bring his wallet! Fortunately i have a small coin box in my car which had the exact change.

We got out of the petrol station and was met with a massive jam. It took us quite sometime to get to my brother. When we finally reached him i took the bottle with a homemade funnel and quickly helped him fuel up his car. I was holding the umbrella and he was doing the fueling up.

After that we thought it was all good but then horror phase 2 came!

REMINDER: You need atleast RM5 worth of petrol to get your car started if you ain't got any petrol left!!!!

The amount of petrol we got for him was not enough to start the car up! Then me and my dad quickly walked to the petrol station about 300m away, imagine walking beside the highway, the cars are going real fast and i was almost all drenched from all the splashing. When we got to this petrol station(MOBIL), their machines accept card unlike SHELL(which you have to pay inside or via a mobile wifi device). This time we used two nescafe bottles and filled them up to the top.

We hurried back to the car and help my bro fill up again. This time it was all good and he was good to go. My hands were filled with petrol and i was all drenched in rain water. Luckily i had some water in the car. So i washed my hands and we headed back home immediately.

Lessons to learn here:
1. Put a glass bottle or petrol container in your car
2. Put an umbrella in your car
3. Cut a 1.5L bottle to be made as a funnel and put it in your car :)
4. Keep spare cash in your car


not advisable

Posted : Wednesday, October 19, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:13 am | 0 Comments

Pumping iron plus a short session of football the day before and staying up early in the morning to watch the UEFA Champions League is NOT ADVISABLE!

Anyway it was not a very interesting day for champions league action.

Although on another note, yesterdays workout session was rather good. Did the biceps and triceps and throw in a little cardio as well. Looks like i`m getting back on track as the GYM FREAK! Just need to tweak the diet a little here and there.

Oh, one more thing its Oktoberfest at 1 Utama this weekend, starts on Friday after 5pm, goes the same on Saturday and Sunday!

On the down side, i`m very very very very very sleepy rite now.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


malacca weekend

Posted : Monday, October 17, 2005 by johnybravo at 5:14 am | 5 Comments

Last weekend, me and ArmyGirl went to malacca to spend our weekend. It was a cool and relaxing journey down to malacca. It drizzled for a while but it was mostly clear weather through out the entire journey.

When we got to malacca we stumbled upon some old stuff kept in the old display glass closet. Some old and not so old miniature alcohol bottles and toys from our time(haven't seen these toys in 16 years)

teenage mutant ninja turtle


i think this is he-man

Later we decided to go to jonker street. We parked our car infront of the popular cendol store and started walking from there.

Geographer Cafe - popular place to have a drink and it was featured in many movies as well

We soon arrived at Temple Street

i think this temple is more than a 100 years old

On our way home we came across a religious parade

It was only a day trip, we headed back to KL after dinner.


super macro experiment

Posted : Thursday, October 13, 2005 by johnybravo at 1:21 am | 2 Comments


to order or not to order

Posted : Monday, October 10, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:39 pm | 1 Comments

Me and TescoGirl went to have dinner at a small coffee shop which serves western food and its quite popular at that area too.

So we sat down and knew what we wanted to order cause we've been there a couple of times but no one came to take our orders. So we waved and waved trying to catch the attention of the waiters/waitresses. Then finally we caught hold of a waiter who took our orders and we were happy.

Then a minute later, one of the waiters came to us to ask us if we have ordered and we politely told him yes we have. After another minute another waiter came along and asked us if we have ordered! This went on for about 3 - 4 other waiters.

Where were they when we really wanted to order in the first place :p

Me and TescoGirl starred at each other - why does this always happen when you've already ordered!

So the trick is to act like you've already ordered when you haven't and a waiter/waitress will pop-up shortly to take your orders. hahaha


another day on the job

Posted : Tuesday, October 04, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:13 am | 3 Comments