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where to buy this?

Posted : Monday, July 24, 2006 by johnybravo at 11:16 am | 10 Comments

Does anyone know where i can find this?

Wax Thread


the 3-letter word

Posted : Friday, July 21, 2006 by johnybravo at 3:42 pm | 5 Comments

Girls dont like to be called it, some guys dont like to be called it but most guys dont care at all.

Yes, its official the word is out, i`ve gained weight! damn.

I`m FAT!

Need to be a gym freak again! Lift irons, hit the treadmills and burn those fats!

Are you all with me or not?

5 days of non-stop workout. 1 hour++ a day! will make any doctor go away! hahaha. But dont forget, a healthy lifestyle start with a healthy and good diet. Dont just concentrate on the exercising part but also what you consume!

Exercise, stay fit. Eat well & Impossible is nothing.


rude wrong caller

Posted : Monday, July 17, 2006 by johnybravo at 2:24 pm | 4 Comments

I got an anonymous call yesterday afternoon, the caller ID showed a phone number instead of a name on my phonelist. I answered the call and the person on the line said to me, "Siapa ini?". I politely replied him, "Awak cari siapa?"

mofo : Siapa awak? Mengapa awak call saya?(with a very rude & loud tone)
me : Saya tiada call awak, awak cari siapa?
mofo : Mengapa awak call saya?(very rude and loud again)
me : Saya ingat awak salah nombor lah!
mofo : Mana ada salah nombor, mengapa awak call saya? Awak siapa?(very rude and loud again)
me : ....

I just end the call, couldn't be bothered to waste my time entertaining rude mofo's who dont even know who they are calling...

Why are they always rude? why why why? this was not the first but third or fourth time already! Piss me off blardy mofo's...