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Mt. Swethernhem revisited

Posted : Wednesday, October 31, 2007 by johnybravo at 3:21 am | 3 Comments

We started our journey very 6am early in the morning to head to Cameron Highlands. As soon as the sun was up and bright we reached the waterfall tourist spot on the way up.

We had our breakfast at Tapah town and hurried up to meet the rest of the campers. We started our journey up Mt. Swethernhem around 10-11am.. Guess what was awaiting us at the beginning of the hike?

A 45 degree cement path for either 4WD's or trucks! KILLER! After 2 years of hibernating from camping, this is not a welcoming start. But anyhow, i managed to overcome it. The cement path is a good 200-300 meters. As you enter the mountain, you will notice it looks like most mountains in Cameron Highlands, what we call a Mossy forest. Mt.Swethernhem is 1850M tall by the way.

Some tips on hiking, always look for markers, paper trails left behind by your leader or previous hikers, cement poles put up by the Forestry Department or signboards!

Did someone say Mt. Swethernhem? They should call it Mt Sweat-Thorn-how? You have to look out for the torny plants that grow so ever generously on this mountain.

More tips, go at a steady pace, nothing too fast to preserve your knees and ankle. Don't forget to rest if tired and have fun and hike with a smile. :)

While hiking don't forget to observe the flora and fauna of the mountain and admire the many plants that grow wildly in these mountain. If you look carefully you will notice many plants you don't normally see back home.

And if you look even carefully, you will see a variety of mushrooms with different sizes, colors and shapes.

Not to forget the snails as well.

This is what you can expect at the peak. A cement structure representing the border of Kelantan and Pahang. A pyramid metal structure that used to be facing upright. A small campsite and a view of Cameron Highlands from above. You can also see sea clouds everywhere at the peak.

And this is what you can expect at the bottom on your way home. A nice sunset scenery.


toys & more toys

Posted : Sunday, October 21, 2007 by johnybravo at 10:52 pm | 0 Comments

Over the weekend i finally got the materials to make my very own clear acrylic shelf to store my Be@rbricks & Transformers and also to keep it from collecting dust!.... The shelf took me half the day to complete and the rest in just half an hour... take a look.


Sg. Chilling revisited

Posted : Saturday, October 13, 2007 by johnybravo at 10:50 pm | 5 Comments

I have not been to Sg. Chilling in a while, in fact i can't even remember when was the last time i came here. Maybe it was a year ago... This place has definitely changed.

It is now a "Sanctuary Ikan" and is much more protected than it was back then. This sanctuary is to help preserve the fishes from decreasing... So everyone who hikes in has to do their bit to bring their garbage back out and not litter the place...

It is definitely cleaner and nicer to hike in now. They have made a dedicated campsite at the beginning of the the trail and even built a small suspension bridge.

It started out as a nice early morning hike to Sg. Chilling. When we got there, it was empty and like a getaway haven. Fortunately we went early and not any later. Cause by the time it was 12pm and time for me to go, there was at least 60 other ppl arriving at Sg. Chilling. So i would say, it was over crowded.

It rained heavily one hour after i left, so i would consider myself fortunate yet again. Here are some of the pictures taken, enjoy...


more Be@rbricks

Posted : by johnybravo at 10:42 pm | 5 Comments