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danny & lisa's garden wedding dinner

Posted : Wednesday, September 28, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:43 am | 8 Comments

Waiting for all the late Y.A.B's...

Nice Fan Palm

Chilling out

Going to see the baby

Da Baby

Hello little fella

Cool phone! Whose your daddy...

From the outside and on the inside

Reception and entrance to garden area

The Newly Wed's

Stage and the Quartet

Lighting and Garden Dinner Layout

Spacing out, waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin

The Gang

Waiting in line to say our goodbye's and best wishes

Group photo

The Gal's & The Guy's


long exposure experiment

Posted : by johnybravo at 12:21 am | 4 Comments


tongue twister

Posted : Friday, September 23, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:23 pm | 11 Comments

I was at Low Yat Plaza looking for a portable Harddisk which comes with a built-in card reader together with the casing. I was going around asking from shop to shop "DO you sell portable HD with card reader"?. I asked this close to nearly 20 times but to my dissapointment i got a "NO" response most of the time.

After asking the same question too many times i tongue twisted myself and started to ask " Do you shell port reader with hardisk"?...


Portable Hardisk with card reader are either not that popular or too popular that they are all sold out or according to one of the shop owners - due to bad weather the shipment from Taiwan is slow or couldnt be sent to here. But anyway i think its not that a popular item. So not many shops stocks them. Once out of stock, they no longer order anymore.

I finally found one shops who still has stock and are selling them, wooo hooo.



Posted : Monday, September 19, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:01 am | 4 Comments

I've attended alot of weddings and i have seen a variety of styles these weddings are conducted (i`m only referring to chinese weddings here).

You have the usual, picking up the bride, getting tortured by the brides sistas(chi muis), pay a huge amount for cover charge money to get through the door(hahaha) and the tea ceremony. Then off to the groom's house to end the ceremony with a tea ceremony to pay respect to the groom's elders.

But never in my life have i ever seen or even heard of picking up the brides parents to the grooms house after the tea ceremony at the grooms house has ended!!!!

Normally the bride's parents does not go to the grooms house, they only meet at the dinner at night. This was so weird and pityful to the person who has to pick the brides parents. Imagine the brides house is in IPOH and your house is in SELANGOR!

Die die cry cry man! Cry also no tears... hehehe


getting back into the routine

Posted : Tuesday, September 13, 2005 by johnybravo at 1:55 pm | 4 Comments

Been going to the gym lately and it feels good.

Slowly getting back into the routine of working out and torturing myself, hehehe.

Muscles don't ache as bad as the first week and its good to be back in the gym.

On another note, sauna sessions are to die for :)


Fibonacci Retracements

Posted : Friday, September 09, 2005 by johnybravo at 4:15 pm | 3 Comments

Just to share something interesting i found today...

Fibonacci arcs & retracements help anticipate support and resistance levels along with price targets.


After making long sustained moves in one direction, many markets retrace a part of the move before continuing on further. The Fibonacci indicator, popularized by Ralph Nelson Elliot, is used to try and forecast potential support levels and price targets, based on the height of the overall move and any wave patterns.

For example, if a stock increased from $5 to $10 and then slipped back 50%, this retracement would take it to $7.50 before it continued upwards again.

This indicator uses mathematical ratios discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci's in the 12th century. The Fibonacci summation series is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… and so on to infinity. Interestingly, these numbers have the following constant relationships:

  • The sum of any two consecutive numbers equals the next higher number.
  • The ratio between any number and the next higher number approaches 0.618 after the first four calculations.
  • The ratio between any number and the next lower number is approximately 1.618 (the inverse of 0.618).

The number 1.618 is commonly referred to as the Golden Mean or the Golden Section. The real value of this number series is that it is "the most important mathematical presentation of natural phenomena ever discovered" (R. Fischer). It keeps popping up in everything from the proportions of the Egyptian pyramids… the number of florets in flower heads…the double helix of the DNA molecule… to the logarithmic spiral of the nautilus shell.

(The well-known Elliot Wave Principle is also based on the application of Fibonacci numbers to the waves evident in any price chart.)

For further elaboration go [ here ]


Are we waiting for a miracle?

Posted : Wednesday, September 07, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:36 am | 11 Comments

Does one need an aim in life? Where are we all headed to? Whats your goal in life? Do you even have one? Have you even thought about one?

I think there is alot of people out there with a happy go lucky sort of lifestyle. Most of us are aimless and going no where. Don't know what we want in life.

Are we all just waiting for a miracle to happen?

I have to admit i do adopt a happy go lucky sort of lifestyle and i feel like i`m going no where. I have to start to take action. Set out goals and targets to achieve. I would say i am quite unorganized these days. I have been very mundane lately. I find it very hard to get my ass back in the gym as well. I feel very lazy all the time.

So am i going to wait for a miracle? Hell NO! Its time to take action.


Big Fish

Posted : Monday, September 05, 2005 by johnybravo at 12:10 am | 6 Comments

My uncle caught this fish during his fishing trip near the oil rig, it weight at 7.5kg. I don't know the english name for this fish. It has nice blue dot with outline all over its red body. This fish can cost around RM100 - RM200 per kg depending whether its dead or alive before being cooked. The meat is very tasty and delicious, best to be steamed instead of fried. Here are some pictures of the fish.