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F50+ A3 turf black & white

Posted : Saturday, August 27, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:31 am | 11 Comments

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Can anyone tell me where i can find this pair of shoes? Apparently it is a LIMITED EDITION shoe and it doesn't ship into this region!


orchestra of honks

Posted : Thursday, August 25, 2005 by johnybravo at 2:38 pm | 2 Comments

A string of percussions(vehicles) were playing an unfamiliar tune this afternoon in KL, something between the mixture of anger and impatience.

I was going for lunch today and heard an orchestra of honks being performed by drivers around the KLCC area. First, there were the group from the KLCC drop off area. Then, the group from the Mandarin Oriental entrance and lastly an individual from the Mydina carpark lot.

The usual was happening at the KLCC drop off area, some TaxiLou(taxi driver) decided to fish for passenger(when they are not supposed to) held up the traffic there and then began the music piece. A soft sound of a kancil honk was heard, followed by the wira's and japanese imports(clarinets, flutes & symbals). Everyone in the traffic line was joining in the fun, honking away at the idiotic TaxiLou.

Then on the north corner of the stage another TaxiLou involved. Held up the line at the Mandarin Oriental entrance and causing a massive jam. Cars going into the driveway of this hotel are usually the big and expensive cars. They gave no mercy to the TaxiLou and blasted their trombones, tubas and trumpets away.

Then came the solo player, the violinist, a lone ranger stuck in the parking lot block by a lorry whose driver is yet to be found. He played with such panache and with great flexibility in range, tone, and dynamics, i couldn't decipher what it was. :)

Overall, it was a bad piece and total rubbish to my ears. Hahahaha. So much for trying to imagine something from nothing.


back in the gym

Posted : Tuesday, August 23, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:11 pm | 8 Comments

Todays session was rather good although i felt like shit after the workout. Was feeling a bit dizzy and worned out. This is todays routine:

Warm-up : 10 Minutes on treadmill
I could barely last 10 minutes, stamina is very bad, hehehe
Stretching : Top to bottom stretching
My favourite exercise, hehehe
Lat Pulldown : 3 sets
Still going strong here
Long Pull : 3 sets
Also still going strong here
Seated Row : 3 sets
Not too bad, still strong
Bicep Curl (barbell) : 3 sets
Quite exhausted by now
Shoulder Shrugs : 3 sets
Very tired liao
Sit-up : 3 sets
Relieved i finished the exercises
Warm-down : 10 minutes
Couldn't last the whole 10 minutes again, very very tired and feels dizzy
Stretching : Top to bottom stretching
Thank goodness, its all over.

I hate the conditioning period of gym workout, you feel lousy and motivation is low. Have to be strong mentally to keep on going.


mental toughness

Posted : by johnybravo at 11:54 am | 1 Comments

Last saturday, a friend who is working in the accounting field invited me to join her to cheer for her company team competiting in an inter-accountants basketball tournament.

She doesn't know much about basketball but she was there to cheer and support her team and not to forget to check out the cute and macho guys there.

Through out the tournament i was explaining to her whats going and why the whistle was blown and some technical stuff. I told her that part of winning a game is your mental state during the game. If you use trash talk or use dirty tactics you can demoralize the mental state of your opponents.

Once you have weakened the mental state of individual key players, the job is pretty much done. If you lose your mood in the game you cant perform to your maximum level. I watched her team use their toughness both mentally and physically to beat a top seeded team. They were aggressive both on offense and defense. Once the opponents key player lost his mood, it was all down hill for the team. Anyway, her team has an ex- state coach or someone with those coaching credentials.

So as i was saying you have to be strong mentally and not just physically. Yesterday evening while i was playing football, i lost my mood and my mental state was down coz of what my teammate said to me and that just thrown my whole game down. My friend has a very bad temper and a short fuse, if you're not playing according to his rhythm or tempo and its not his happy day, he will unleash all hell(in terms of his mouth) at you. That pretty much spoilt my mood and game.

Luckily midway through i managed to ignore what he said and continued playing on. I did not manage to even have an attempt on goal or even try to torment the defence but instead i just played a supporting role and trying to win the ball and just pass it on. It wasn't a really good game for me although we won by a huge margin. He did say sorry to me after the game, so it was all good in the end.

"Be strong, livestrong and impossible is nothing."


tough one

Posted : Friday, August 19, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:46 am | 0 Comments

Today's sudoku challenged posted up seems to be a tough one.

AUGUST 18 - DIFFICULT: It's a step-up in class for today's Sudoku puzzle. Can you beat our second highest level of difficulty? Give it a go here.

[ Try it! ]


smoke-free staircase

Posted : by johnybravo at 10:21 am | 0 Comments

I like using the staircase to go up or down a few floors. Its quite good exercise walking up and down stairs and the fact that i do lots of mountain climbing it helps maintain leg strength. It would also be nice if the staircase in my office is free from cigarette smoke!

Most of the people at my work place have no respect for others as they smoke in the building, in the toilets and in the staircase. So whats the point of putting up no smoking signs?

There was this once that our lifts had some technical problems, so i walked down 17 floors of stairs. Imagine walking down 17 floors of stairs filled with cigarete smoke, i don't think you can make it down alive. You'll most probably die from lack of oxygen.

It would be nice, noh wait, it would be MARVELOUS, SUPERB, FANTASTIC; if the staircase could be free from cigarette smoke. Smoking is bad for health but if you must smoke please be MORE CONSIDERED of others. The smoke coming out from cigarettes is just the same as the haze we are experiencing now, you can't escape from it no matter where you hide. The smell can seep through almost anything.

So another public community reminder: STOP SMOKING, IT KILLS.


a long night

Posted : Thursday, August 18, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:20 am | 0 Comments

Didn't play football yesterday due to the rain but it was good that i didn't, cause i need more rest to fully recuperate from the knee injury.

This is the third night in a row that i watched FULL HOUSE(korean series) on 8TV alone(no one to argue with, hahaha), TodsGirl had to work overtime again for the third night in a row. I thought she would be done by 12am but it ended up to be 2 freaking in the morning! I would have occupied my time usefully if not for the streamyx line being so damn slow and i couldn't even surf or login into any messenger programs.

All the International Friendlies or qualifiers for the worldcup were way later than 2am so i couldnt watch any of those as well. Its been a long time since i've stayed up so late. Staring at the monitor screen running winamp and playing some old mp3's were my only options at that point. I felt so tired and sleepy i doozed off and later got a call. I woke up like waking up from a coma to listen to the sound of the handphone ringing. It was TodsGirl, she would be done by 2am and she called me at 1:44am to give me a head start so i could reach there on time.

But to my horror i fell right back to sleep and got another call at 2:10am! I immediately got up and drove like an F1 driver all the way to KL to fetch her. I was worried for her safety as well, coz it was dark and empty at that hour. She kept calling me cause it was scary being there alone. In the end i arrive there within 10 minutes, record time :)

Along the way to KL, there were a few accidents here and there. This time round i did not see any of the usual MAT-MOTORS roaming the streets of KL. It was really quiet and peaceful at such an early hour in the morning, maybe everyone's watching the friendlies and qualifiers. Hehehe.

There were road blocks everywhere, its a wednesday night afterall (ladies night). I passed by Zouks and it was looking happening with lots of cars and people at that area. After picking up TodsGirl, we needed to go to Pandan Indah before heading home. When we got to the house at Pandan Indah, the F**KING neighbour parked his car right infront of the gate. Fortunately we did not need to park the car or move things out or into the house or else i would have had to wake up the whole neighbourhood just cause one F**KER decided to park right infront of our GATE! This is the problem with a small housing area with limited parking space and a one lane road used as a two way. I wanted to scratch the F**KERS car or use [ izso's ] idea of plastering the car with toilet paper, ahhaha but ended up doing nuthin'.

The way back was smooth sailing all the way, with the occasional psychotic midnight drivers dreaming they are F1 drivers. It was a long long night indeed.

Got home, took a quick shower and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



Posted : Wednesday, August 17, 2005 by johnybravo at 11:26 am | 3 Comments

What seemed to be another mega tsunami rain yesterday turned out to be a cool and windy weather to kick some football.

It was 6pm yesterday evening when i looked out the window and was in doubt to go kick some football. There were signs of dark clouds looming up above my area. So i did what most football crazy people would do, wait and hope for it to rain later, hahaha.

Then came 6:20pm and there was still not a drip of rain, it was just strong winds and light grey clouds. So i decided to grab my equipment and rushed to the field to check if anyone was there at all. To my suprise, there were two other kaki's :). So i told myself what the heck, my as well just juggle some balls with them since we're there anyway.

Then after gearing up, 2 more fellas in a bike came as well. More kaki's! Soon the field was filled with 11 fellas all ready to kick some balls. It was a good, one and a half hours of good football and exercise.

After the game we headed to the mamak to get some drinks and cool down before heading home. The only reason the first two fellas waited in the field for more people to come although the dodgy weather was cause, they just bought a new ball and wanted to get a feel of it. :P



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clouds everywhere

Posted : Monday, August 15, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:07 pm | 1 Comments

The sign of relieve was on many faces yesterday when the rain came pouring down and washing the haze away. I got an sms from my friend on wednesday stating that our usual sunday futsal session might be cancelled if the haze remains the same but later on friday the skies was much clearer and the API levels dropped and on sunday the mega tsunami of all rains came pouring down and making our faces smile once again.

This morning i looked up into the skies and saw many clouds and was so happy to be able to see skies once again. Due to the haze and lack of drinking water i got an ulcer under my tongue, it hurts badly. Hopefully the winds have changed direction and won't come back this way and blow all the haze away for good.

On saturday, a few of us went hiking at Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati. Felt like the haze level had dropped tremendously and it did not affect our breathing or stamina. It was a good hike after a long layoff from a knee injury. I kept saying that we are already at the top where in fact there were 2 or 3 more hills to climb and down climb. Not many people know that Bukit Batu Tabur is actually a world heritage, it has been touted as the longest quartz ridge in the world. Climbing this hill requires minimal climbing experience but can be quite tough to the newbies. Going up and down and up and down several times can be quite tough on the knees and thighs, not forgetting some rock climbing experiences as well. Overall it was a good weekend hike, with only the four of us hiking up that hill for that day due to the haze weather.

Will post some pictures up soon.


Still classified my ass

Posted : Wednesday, August 10, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:31 pm | 9 Comments

Kuala Lumpur: The government has yet to decide on releasing the Air Pollution INdex (API) following the weeklong haze, said Deputy Prime Minister.

"We have not made any decision to make the API public yet ... we will continue to monitor the situation".

Whats wrong with this people, does visibilty reduce to 1KM not enough warning? I think the visibility today just shrinked to around 300 - 500m. I couldn't even see KLCC from the Bukit Nenas Monorail station. Some of the people i see on the streets have started to wear mask's to protect them from the filthy air. I too used a tissue to cover my nose and mouth and was short of breath most of the time while walking to the monorail.

Why is the government keeping such valuable information from the public when it doesn't even need to be keep classified. The public should be inform of the current air pollution level so that we can take pre-cautions of our own.

Visibility is getting worst and worst, i can't see alot of buildings which is less than 1KM away from where i'm working. Hopefully it will rain and clear the filthy haze away.

REMINDER AGAIN: Please wash your face often, drink lots of water and cover your mouth and nose if you can.

A yahoo messenger conversation between me and my friend (Mr.V)

Mr. V : Eh come lets go wisma central eat chicken rice.
Me : Don't want lah, wanna go to gym lah!
Me : Somemore got haze dont want to walk so far lah, go gym keep healthy lah.
Mr. V : You go gym also the same mah, where you think the air from the aircondition come from?
Me : Eh...
Mr. V : Mahai, your tummy going to grow faster and your L going to kecut meh if dont go to gym.
Mr. V : Come lah join me.
Me : Aiyah, i 1 and a half weeks never go to gym oredi lah.
Mr. V : - no answer -

After 5 minutes i felt bad and decided not to go to the gym and join him for lunch instead, so i called him

Me: Eh wanna have lunch or not?
Mr. V : Aiyah now only you say i oredi eating with my colleagues liao lah.
Mr. V : Anyway i walked out and saw the haze i also scared to cross the road to central lah, i'm eating at the KLCC foodcourt lah.



health hazard

Posted : by johnybravo at 9:31 am | 0 Comments

The haze is getting unbearable today, it is getting worse and worse. I went to play football yesterday and i think it was a stupid decision. The air was bad and my throat was full of phlegm. No one was at the usually packed basketball court.

There is nothing much we can do about this, except to hope for it to rain and clear our air of this haze. Looks like everyone has to stay indoors if they can help it and resort going to the gym for exercise.

So please cover your nose and mouth when you are walking outside for some extra protection and try to wash your face and eyes often to prevent infections.

I hope it rains, i hope it rains, i hope it rains. I hope the wind blows the haze away.


No such thing as free lunch

Posted : Friday, August 05, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:33 am | 1 Comments

Recently, there are alot of scams going on. Here are a few cases i have heard so far.


There was this lawyer who got conned by some lady caller from (forgot which country) who called him up and told him that he had won a lottery and he had to pay the tax if he wanted to redeem the prize money, so he suckerly paid the few thousand dollars of tax money and got nothing in return.


This was in the papers a few days ago, an elderly couple, disguised as tourist from china, with heavy chinese accent, telling passengers in the airport that they have been robbed at the airport and they needed atleast RM300 to get back to china. It was a scam actually, they are locals and they conducted the scam at the airport a few times a week. Imagine, 3 times a week and you have tax free RM900, who needs to work then?

If it sounds like its too good to be true, then its most probably too good to be true. If easy money comes then that easy money can easily go as well. Don't be greedy and always think about the "EASY" way, there isn't any easy way! Greed is usually the cause of most destructions. Just remember there is no free lunch in this world, if there is be cautious and suspicious.

I`m off to Menara KL for my free lunch, hahahaha. Have a good weekend ppl!


Assumption of risk

Posted : Thursday, August 04, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:17 am | 4 Comments

This is the clause on the trial membership i got a week ago:

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: The use of the facilities at (name of company) and (copyright) services involves inherent risk of injury whether you or someone else causes it. As such, you understand and voluntarily accept the risk and agree that (name of company) will not be liable for any injury, without limitations, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or any damage to you resulting from the negligence or other acts of (name of company) or anyone else using the facilities. If there is any claim by anyone based on any injury, loss or damage described here, which involves you, you agree

1) defend (name of company) against such claims and pay for all expenses relating to the claim and
2) indemnify (name of company) all liabilities to you, or anyone else from such claims.

By signing it below, you agree to all terms of this agreement and acknowlegde you received a complete copy of it.

So what does this means?

If you use their equipments and there was a screw loose and the weights fall onto a poor innocent victim, you`re pretty much FUCKED!



Posted : Monday, August 01, 2005 by johnybravo at 9:56 pm | 0 Comments

Took this picture of the bridge at putrajaya, went there last saturday night just to take some night shots of the place. It is very huge but can do better with proper signage.

I wanted to go visit the shopping mall in putrajaya but couldnt find my way around and it was too late as well. The scenary there is pretty nice especially at night due to all the lights. Its colourful.

The background picture is taken at putrajaya, thats the HUGE mosque by the lake.


Aircond down

Posted : by johnybravo at 9:50 pm | 0 Comments

One year has 12 months, of all the months why does my aircond have to break down now....

Its so hot these days, the heat is getting unbearable and you can sweat like you just finish a spinning class rite after shower.

Arrggghhh, my aircond is leaking and it needs to be fixed soon.


Lets get it on

Posted : by johnybravo at 3:07 pm | 3 Comments

Today is the begining of a new month, its time to get up and start going to the gym again. The knee is feeling better cause i has been resting the knee and stop all futsal activities.

Will be resuming gym tomorrow, its time to lift them weights and shrink the belly.