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more tilt-shift

Posted : Saturday, February 17, 2007 by johnybravo at 3:11 am | 2 Comments


tilt-shift effect

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me@berkelah waterfall

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Thaipusam 2007

Posted : Friday, February 02, 2007 by johnybravo at 12:47 am | 4 Comments

Reached the Sentul Train station at 710am. Bought the ticket for the special diesel train that will transport you rite up to Batu Caves. The ticket is reasonably priced at RM2.20 each way. Look at the massive crowd waiting to get out of the waiting corridor and into the train.

Had my quick RM1 nasi lemak breakfast in a burger styrofoam box.

Upon reaching Batu Caves you will see two prominent things. The first is the ferris wheel which i heard some kids calling it "the eye of thaipusam", hehehe and the massive gold statue of Lord Murugan, standing tall surpassing the height of the famous steps of Batu Caves.

After exiting the train you have to walk through many stalls selling a variety of items from VCD's to slippers to food/drinks and even a 4D number generator.

Although Batu Caves was massively packed with people, there was still room to squeeze yourself into the crowd and get some good photos.

The world's tallest statue of Lord Murugan.

Look at the massive crowd going up into Batu Caves. Walking up all 272 steps.

The crowd does not end just on the outside, inside the cave there is another set of steps which i did not go any further into.

On the way down(which was around 10am++), you will be amazed as to how huge the crowd actually is and it doesn't end there. On the way back on the train you will be able to see another massive stretch of people still waiting for their turn to go into the cave.