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Tiring week-end

Posted : Monday, December 10, 2007 by johnybravo at 11:53 am | 5 Comments

Friday - 12am

Drove to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) Airport to pickup relatives who went to Penang for holiday. I tell you this LCCT is a godforsaken place! Just too damn far out of the way compared to KLIA and bad public transportation to and out of that place.

Reached there just in time to pick my relatives up and i drove on the wrong lane, it was a TAXI pickup lane! The Taxi drivers decided to HORN me cause i stopped and picked them up. When i say HORN i mean Taxi Car Horn (x15). SO you can imagine the scare!

Hate that place, hate that place, hate that place!

Anyway got out of there and to Semenyih. Also another don't know where there hell you are place! Dropped two of them off and next destination Kelana Jaya to drop another one of them off!

Reached home at about 2am and K.O instantly....

Saturday - 9am

Had to attend a technical analysis seminar. Fortunately it was interesting cause i`m still exhausted from driving the previous nite(or should i say in the early morning). The seminar was 4 hours long! At least they served breakfast and lunch!

Got home, packed my bags and off to Le Meridien for a relaxing weekend stay. Woo hoo! Got there at 3pm, checked-in and off to the swimming pool for a swim in their chilly swimming pool! Not much bikini sunbathing chicks to see but it was okay...

Went back up to the room for some rest before heading out for dinner with the relatives again!


Waited for one relative to arrive via LRT KL Sentral and off to Kota Kemuning to see some other relatives new house. Travelled via Federal Highway(as usual its jam rite until MidValley turnoff). From the Federal Highway, cut out to the LDP and then connect to the KESAS highway, which i had to pay a ripoff toll price for such a short distance! Reach Kota Kemuning at about 8 something???

Waited for the rest of the relatives to arrive and off to Bandar Bukit Puchong(Not sure if i got the name correct but its somewhere near Puchong Perdana). Finally we reached this semi huge covered and open air food court. Had a 5 course meal with 2 rounds of crabs. Was very exhausted at this point from all the driving here and there but the food revived my energy a little.

So left around 11pm, filled up my petrol and off to Kelana Jaya to drop my relative. Reached the hotel around 12something am and had a nice bath and soak in the bathtub and went to bed shortly after.

Sunday - 12pm

Checked out of the hotel and off to Palace of the Golden Horses for a friends sisters garden lunch wedding. Got there around 1 something. Missed the whole morning ceremony and arrive after the first dish was served. The whole setup and food was OKAY only, nothing to shout about but the Hotel does looks nice from the outside.

Left around 330pm and drove fast to make it for my weekly futsal session at 4pm.

Was so smashed out after the futsal session. Took a nap and had dinner around 8pm and watched Project Runway before heading to bed...

All that traveling has really taken a toll on my body and i think its time for a relaxing Aromatherapy massage...