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a moment to remember

Posted : Monday, August 14, 2006 by johnybravo at 10:47 am | 3 Comments

This is definately a moment to remember. Six people, one very empty cinema and that six people weeping like crybabies. If you enjoy a good love(sad) story then go watch this movie - A Moment To Remember. It's a korean movie by the way.

Never in my life have i gone to watch a movie and everyone, and i really mean everyone in the cinema cried! It started out as a typical love story but towards the end it turns very very sad.

Okay not going to give the movie away, just go watch it yeah.



Posted : Thursday, August 10, 2006 by johnybravo at 3:01 pm | 0 Comments

Got to the gym late today and immediately got changed and hit the treadmill.

Warmed up for 5 minutes and did some stretching. I started off with HIC(High Intensity Conditioning) for 10 minutes. Then did somemore stretching and headed on to the weights section. Did some light lifting, Bicep Curls, dips, wide-angle pull-ups and some tricep dips. I ended the session with 5 minutes on the rowing machine at resistant level 10.

After cooling down and stretching i headed for the sauna for 10 minutes and showered.

Had Corn salad with a piece of roast drumstick.

Have to get those metabolism up and burning again. Had a bit of an indulgence at TGIF's yesterday night.



Posted : Wednesday, August 09, 2006 by johnybravo at 9:56 am | 1 Comments

I was driving to work this morning, coming out from a corner and into the main road. I suddenly noticed a lady throwing her helmet on to the side of the road. Her male friend on the motorbike was parked at the side of the road calling out to her and she just walked straight and didnt give a shit!

He got off his bike to pick up the helmet first before getting back on his bike to go after her. She must have been very mad at him for throwing the helmet into the drain and walking out on him in the middle of the highway and the nearest building or bus stop/taxi stand is like 4 - 5km away!

I had to make a u-turn cause i needed to get on the otherside of the highway to get to work and when i passed by the place where the lady threw the helmet, i took a look to see how the situation was, and i saw the guy on the bike "pujuk-ing" her. Hehehe.

This reminds me of an incident that happened in Mid Valley many years ago. I saw a couple arguing after doing grocery shopping at Carrefour(they where holding Carrefour plastic bags). And again the same thing happened! The girl threw her groceries all over the floor and walked the opposite direction. The guy walked the other way but he was holding on to the groceries. This was just outside the cinema box office near McD's. He was walking towards the car park and the girl was walking towards the pet store near NIKE. In the end the girl came back to pick up the groceries and walked towards the car park. It was a smart choice cause the cleaner lady was picking up the stuff and going to keep it for herself. hehehe

I was thinking to myself, why does she have to throw the groceries? And if he was driving, then she would have to get her own ride home then! Just like that lady who threw the helmet, couldnt she have picked a better location than in the middle of no where to throw her tantrum. Having said all that, when emotions fly high you just dont take a second to think, you JUST DO IT!

So my question is do girls really like to throw things when they are very PISSED OFF and MAD?

Have you experienced anything like this before?

p/s: Go watch "BREAK UP" starring Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn, its already out!



Posted : Wednesday, August 02, 2006 by johnybravo at 2:44 pm | 4 Comments

Is there anything wrong in this paragraph?

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Anything wrong with it? Or is it just me?