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Not BF material

Posted : Tuesday, July 24, 2007 by johnybravo at 11:54 am | 5 Comments

I was on the monorail yesterday and i over heard, okay not really over heard, the girl was just too loud to ignore, she was standing rite behind me.

It was a conversation with her friend/colleague. This is how it went:

Girl A: Haiyah, he is a good friend but not a good boyfriend..
Girl B: .....

Girl A: The reason is because he gives me alot of freedom, lets me do whatever i want, go wherever i want and doesnt really worries...
Girl B: .....

Girl A : I want a guy who cares about me, you know. Calls me to see where am i, know what i`m doing, calls me often and you know act jealous once in a while.
Girl B: .....

Girl A : Thats why lah, he is a good friend but not a good boyfriend...
Girl B: .....

I had to leave the train at that point cause it was my destination...

I really don't see her problem there, i would rather have freedom than to be under surveillance 24/7.

So which one would you choose?

Freedom in a relationship or Being checked-on 24/7?


my week in a glance

Posted : Monday, July 23, 2007 by johnybravo at 10:26 am | 1 Comments

I would say it has been a boring and miserable week. Slept around 4 - 6am daily and getting up at 730am to work.

It started on Wednesday. "MeJulie" was out of town and it was suppose to be a week without football cause me knees and ankles needed much rest. I spent the rest of the evening on Wednesday watching series that i had already downloaded and called it a night.

Thursday. Got up went to work, had lunch, back to work, off work, went straight to IKEA to buy some good bargains, cause its the IKEA SALE! IKEA SALE!. Bought a stainless steel trolley for "MeJulie" at almost half price of the original price, good deal and worth a buy. I also bought two roller chairs , one to replace my old computer chair and one for me mum. Had dinner at IKEA and went home to get showered and went for futsal for 2 hours(the only football of the week). Then i went to yum char with my friends. It was quite late already but i wanted to try out my friends new gaming console Xbox 360. I must say i was totally blown away with the graphics of the games and how connected it is with the internet/online gaming and its user interface. JUST SIMPLY SUPERB. We played Gears of War versus mode and pwned each other. It is something like counterstrike, only better. We also played one more game Forza motor sport, damn cool game as well. The time was 2am and it was time to leave and go home to sleep.

I got home but couldn't sleep from drinking all those teh ais earlier and ended up watching hells kitchen until i felt sleepy, that was close to 4am.

Friday. Same shit as Thursday but after work i went for a massage and later joined my football buddies for dinner near the football field. Then later had a mamak session with the same gang the day before only that two other fellas ffked us. After mamak we decided to go watch a movie - Vacancy. We were in Bangsar so we went to mid valley cause its the closest. Went there, tried to get tickets, no more tickets, walked around looking for something to do but found nothing. Ended up leaving the place. We didn't spend more than 20 minutes there so the parking was free :). Went to my friends place to try this new wii game - Mario Strikers Charge. Quite fun if you play versus mode cause the both of us suck at it, hahaha. We ended the nite with a few rounds of Gears of War and called it a day. I went home and couldn't sleep again, so i watched Jay Leno's Tonight Show until i fell asleep at 6 in the morning.

Saturday. I seriously can't remember what i did the whole day rite until 8pm. Must be the lack of sleep. But i do remember having lunch at KFC. So fast forward to 8pm, i called my friend up again to see if he is interested to catch that show Vacancy again! (HisJulie, just like me was out of town as well, hahaha) So this time we went to TeaMust Square. We could not get tickets again! So we waited for the reserved tickets to be released. Kept bugging the guy at the box office to release the tickets but he didn't even blink an eye, hehehe. Finally the tickets were released and we got the last two tickets, wooo hooo finally. Went for the movie, yum char later and went home to sleep!

Woke up early on Sunday(10am++), got up and drove straight to Cheras Leisure mall to buy some games. Got there too early and waited for a while for the shop to open. Got some games but didn't get one specific one, left Leisure mall and headed to 1U, my last resort. Got there, looked for the shop but they didn't have it as well. Had breakfast, went home and tested out the games. Had lunch and took a short nap cause i need to drive to LCCT to pick "MeJulie" up.

Picked up "MeJulie" and sent her friends back, got home took a shower, went out for dinner, came back, watch Hells Kitchen again then called it a night.

The end.


fraud sms

Posted : Friday, July 06, 2007 by johnybravo at 11:17 am | 3 Comments

this is the second time i received this sms:


Congratulations! Anda
memenangi WANG TUNAI
RM 29000 from MAXIS.
info sila hubungi
perkhidmatan maxis
http://www.hotlink .
com .may.

Kanasai! wanna send a fraud scam sms also do it properly lah! First go and congratulate ppl then continue the msg in BM. Then again in english then website also write wrongly....

Haiyoh, if you write the website wrongly also will expose the scam lah - .com .may. - hahahaha