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KLIM 2008

Posted : Monday, March 31, 2008 by johnybravo at 8:22 pm | 8 Comments

Recap from previous KLIM 2006 - KLIM stands for Kuala Lumpur International Marathon.

Two years later i finally participated in this Marathon!

I took two weeks to train and prepare which wasn't really enough but what the heck.

Paid my early bird fees and got my number which must be pinned on the FRONT of your t-shirt.

I thought i had a good start but going slightly faster in the beginning is not the way to go... so i wasted some time resting and only came in at about 1 hour and 5 mins. Could have done better. So no medal but only a certificate of completion. Well i guess i am happy that i manage to finish my first 10km marathon, my virgin marathon.

While i was running, it was a mental game all the way. I didn't even care who was beside or in-front of me. I mentally blocked everyone out just to focus on keeping my pace consistent and making sure i came in before times up.

Even the smell of freshly cooked maggi mee goreng and curry did not put my determination down to complete the 10km run i have put myself into. Having an mp3 player really helps to keep out noises surrounding you which can really be distracting at times. Having said that it can also irritated the hell out of you as you are getting tired and tired and mentally low. Your body wants to rebel against your head and you just wanna throw the damn mp3 player at one point, the music just doesn't sound like music anymore, hahaha.

Anyway, i`m glad that i manage to finish the race within qualifying time and without any injuries what so ever. Now is time for ZERO WEEK(recuperating) and a good massage.

Till the next marathon, stay healthy people.


Latest purchase

Posted : Friday, March 28, 2008 by johnybravo at 4:14 pm | 2 Comments

Due to high a·stig·ma·tism, i have to buy a good pair of sunglasses to help see better during very bright daylight...

I bought an Oakley Ducati Series Monster Dog sunglasses for my Krabi trip recently and i`m lovin' it....


Its been a while...

Posted : Thursday, March 27, 2008 by johnybravo at 4:55 pm | 0 Comments

Its been a while since my last post, will post up some pictures from my recent trips.

Went to krabi, went to Sg. Chilling and going for the KLIM 2008 this sunday...

Stay tuned...