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Running progress

Posted : Wednesday, November 05, 2008 by johnybravo at 10:11 am

I have been joining the "Pacemaker Network" to train at The Lake Gardens recently and i think i have improved my pace, although still not very comfortable yet but there is improvement.

Meeting Point : Lake Garden Children Playground
Running Route : Lake Garden Loop
Distance : 2.3km X 4 Loops = 9.2km
Target time to achieve : Sub 48mins

50'29 - Johnny - PB! (my current timing)

The first time i joined them running i could only manage 56minutes ++. With persistence, consistency and lots of perseverance i have managed to shave off 6 minutes. I`m pretty happy with my progress but still not satisfied yet. My goal is not about the speed but to be able to pace at a comfortable speed(but not snail speed).

My pacing still needs a lot of work. Anyway, there is a 7km++ run at IOI puchong this weekend, might go help a friend to pace.

Till next time, keep the passion alive...

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Blogger izso said...

You sound addicted to this marathon thing.

Lost a lot of weight too eh?

8/11/08 12:27 am

Blogger Danny said...

You go Johny!

For every kg that you loose, I will gain them. It's all about keeping the earth in equilibrium. Hahahaha :)

10/11/08 8:29 pm

Blogger johnybravo said...

Thanx danny, thats the most refreshing and hilarious thing i have heard so far... hehehe

10/11/08 9:02 pm


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