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Its GYM time!

Posted : Tuesday, May 31, 2005 by johnybravo at 10:39 am | 3 Comments

My old workout schedule

Monday : RPM
Tuesday :
Body Balance
Wednesday : Body Pump
Thursday : Pilates

Friday : Body Pump
Saturday : Rest
Sunday : Rock Climbing

My workout schedule now

Monday : Makan with Vialentino (i usually go to the gym during lunch time)
Tuesday : Makan with Vialentino
Wednesday : Makan with Vialentino
Thursday : Makan with Vialentino(Futsal at night)
Friday : Makan with Vialentino
Saturday : Rest
Sunday : Futsal

Today is the day, i'm changing my mindset and getting back in to the gym lifestyle...

SassyGirl said "You better get your ass back into the gym or else i won't see you tonite", YIKES!

Guess thats a good enough motivation eh...


Body Pump

Posted : by johnybravo at 10:14 am | 2 Comments

Is it really the world's fastest way to get in shape?

Beginners, or anyone returning to exercise after a lay-off, may gain a little muscle. However, Body Pump involves the use of light weights and high repetitions. This type of workout will increase muscular endurance rather than add a significant amount of muscle.

"It is unlikely that strength gains and hypertrophy would occur for already fit subjects. "However, for individuals without a history of resistance training Body Pump may provide sufficient stimulus to elicit strength gains."

What's more, despite the popular belief that one pound of muscle burns "50-100 calories per day," there's very little evidence to show that this is true. More accurate estimates suggest that losing two pounds of fat and replacing it with two pounds of muscle will increase your resting metabolic rate by just eight calories per day.

The bottom line

These limitations aside, Body Pump has been shown to help you lose fat. In a 13-week trial comparing Body Pump, Body Step, Body Attack, Body Combat, and RPM, subjects in the Body Pump group actually lost the most fat. Beginners, or anyone returning to exercise after a lay-off, may gain a little muscle and improve their cardiovascular fitness. Body Pump is also very popular with anyone who prefers to exercise with other people rather than on their own.

There were many people who wouldn't set foot in a gym for love nor money simply because they found it so boring. So, while it's a long way from being the world's fastest way to get in shape, Body Pump does provide some of the benefits of conventional gym-based resistance-training programs.

Copyright 2005 The Facts About Fitness Ltd.


Sudoku challenge

Posted : Monday, May 30, 2005 by johnybravo at 5:57 pm | 0 Comments

Can you beat Mail online's Sudoku challenge? [click here]

EmoGirl got me hooked to this and now she hates it for introducing it to me, muahahahha

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Numbers game: Can you crack Sudoku?


RM0.60 lunch at Renaissance Hotel

Posted : by johnybravo at 3:29 pm | 8 Comments

Where can you find a decent lunch for RM0.60? Heck, where can you find anything at Renaissance Hotel for RM0.60? Well you can if you have a RM50 food voucher that is, hehehe...

Popped over to Renaissance Hotel this afternoon. I initially wanted to try Marche at Renaissance. But dont get this mistaken for the marche at The Curve, its a High Class restaurant not the same concept as the french market... So anyway, looked at the price list and it was like RM89.90 for the buffet, so HELL NO! thats way over budget. Then i was too lazy to look around so i went to the nearest cafe in the hotel - Vogue Patisserie Cafe, its at the ground floor near the entrance, the buffet was priced at RM69.90 so still way over budget but i checked the ala carte menu and it looked okay and it was a health conscious menu as well, highlighting which food were low carb and stuff like that.

Reminder: If you aint loaded dont even think about going to Renaissance Hotel to eat okay!

I had a look at the drinks menu and RM12 for an ICE LEMON TEA!!!!!! I ordered it anyway! Then i had to choose a main dish, it was either Lamb cutlets or Grilled Salmon. I was doing the math and if i ordered the blardy salmon + the ice lemon tea including service and government tax i would only need to pay RM0.60, hahahaha. So grilled salmon it was.

After the waiter took my orders, he came back with a basket of Buns and butter! Oh , yummy i thought... The buns were not nice and too soft that i can't even use the knife to cut them into half, it would just be flattened like plastisin. And i think the butter was just taken out from the freaking freezer! Arrgghhh.. I was hungry so i didnt cared much about the shitty buns.

Next came my ice lemon tea, JUST THE WAY I DONT LIKE THEM! I hate ice lemon tea that comes without sugar and they are served with liquid sugar in a small cup for you to add according to your taste BUT IT NEVER DOES COME TO TASTE EVEN WITH TWO CUPS!

I could close an eye on the bread and the drink but when my salmon came it was like the size of my mobile phone but only twice the length and width, with some sprinkle of fried red and green pepper... WTF? I can get better meals than this at Chillis. The salmon was fresh though. The sweet sauce that was surrounding the salmon was not enough and the chef put too much salt in the middle of the salmon. Oh i almost forgot, the chef was so kind to include two super dried up lime which i was suppose to squeeze onto the freaking salmon. - dissapointed i tell you..

Anyway, when i asked for the bill and saw RM0.60, the dissapointment went straight away, i told myself "I`m not coming back here again"...

What you expect for RM0.60, ahahahaha

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Posted : by johnybravo at 10:51 am | 9 Comments

I need motivation, cant get my ass back into the gym!
Where has all my motivation and enthusiasm gone too?
Where do i need to look, to find my motivation?

Anyway, by hook or by crook i need to get my ass back into the GYM. aaarrrrgggghhhh....



Posted : Sunday, May 29, 2005 by johnybravo at 6:53 pm | 0 Comments

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Just bought this today from Toys 'R' Us for RM69.90, this is a promo package which came with this sausage scrabble bag...

This is our new boredom killer coz we are bored with all the other board games we have at home. So we SPECIALY made a trip to Toys 'R' Us at 1Utama just to buy this GAME. We went straight to CoffeeBean to play scrabble after we bought it. Got our drinks and we scrabbled all afternoon.

EmoGirl said "This is not a fair game, coz we do not have a dictionary and we can simply come up with any words we wanted"... but we were bored so who cares... hahaha


Rotiboy on a rainy day

Posted : Friday, May 27, 2005 by johnybravo at 3:50 pm | 7 Comments

I went to Empire Tower over at ampang. As i was walking towards the LRT station the sky looked dark and i was saying to myself "please dont rain, please dont rain".... As i got out of the LRT and reached the KLCC entrance, IT WAS ALREADY POURING LIKE MAD!

Then as i was walking into KLCC i could smell the most tempting smell i have ever smelt, the smell of ROTIBOY! The temptation was too great and i had an early lunch, so what the heck, "can i have two please?" and off i went to seat at one of those KLCC benches and the two buns were gone in like 3 minutes.

This is whats on the packaging of ROTIBOY - "one is never enough... buns to die for!" And indeed they are to die for, they even have a website [ ],check it out...

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Posted : Thursday, May 26, 2005 by johnybravo at 8:17 pm | 0 Comments

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It's party time as Liverpool win the Champions League
(AlexLivesey/GettyImages)(photos taken from

I played Dawn of War(DOW) in order to stay awake until the early hours of the morning(1am), the waiting was killing me so i switched off the computer and went straight for the TV...

It was a shocking first half for liverpool as AC Milan scored their first goal within 52 seconds on the start of the whistle. AC Milan's superb passing and counter attack proved to be too much for liverpool to handle and they "kena goreng" 3 -0 at the end of the first half.

With some change in tactics and substitutions liverpool finally found the spot with their first goal, a cross from Riise and header from Gerrard. All of a sudden the liverpool fans went berserk,the fans couldnt believe their eyes, at the end of the first half many would not have even imagined that liverpool would make a comeback after being 3 goals down. Its not easy to equalize against an Italian team when you're 3 goals down.

Soon after Smicer scored a sweet goal from 25 yards out. The drama just kept on going with a tackle on Gerrard by Gattuso and Xavi Alonso stepped up to take the penalty and make the scoreline 3 - 3. This went into extra time sudden death, Liverpool were hanging on, but Dudek rescued his side with two amazing reaction saves from Shevchenko at point-blank range to force penalties.

It was Dudek's night as he saved 2 penalties, he was jumping from left to right on the line of the goal mouth and even trying to immitate Bruce Grobbelaar's wobbly knees to try and confuse the penalty takers.This was a night to remember for Rafa Benitez's side completed the most remarkable comeback in the history of European finals to write a glorious new chapter in the club's already rich history.

This time it paid off for me to stay up and watch such an interesting and exciting match and feel so damn F*CKED up right now, I NEED SLEEP! :)


First post

Posted : by johnybravo at 8:03 pm | 0 Comments

26th May 2005 marks the beginning of my blogspot...