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fraud sms

Posted : Friday, July 06, 2007 by johnybravo at 11:17 am

this is the second time i received this sms:


Congratulations! Anda
memenangi WANG TUNAI
RM 29000 from MAXIS.
info sila hubungi
perkhidmatan maxis
http://www.hotlink .
com .may.

Kanasai! wanna send a fraud scam sms also do it properly lah! First go and congratulate ppl then continue the msg in BM. Then again in english then website also write wrongly....

Haiyoh, if you write the website wrongly also will expose the scam lah - .com .may. - hahahaha

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Blogger NinJaMoo said...

Plus Maxis would send from a 13 number of something. +62...? WTF?

11/7/07 8:14 pm

Blogger ethnwg said...

hahaha....ive in the past months received sms from "Paris Hilton", "Madonna" and "Britney".

Nak tunjuk gambar bogel, kononnya!

*roll eyes*

13/7/07 5:37 pm

Blogger coconino said...

what did the entire sms in BM and then switched to "from Maxis" and not "Dari Maxis"!?

7/8/07 12:20 pm


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